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Readers may submit letters (up to about 300 words) or longer 'op-ed' columns (up to 700 words) to be published in the Gazette-Mail opinion page. An “op-ed” is so named due to its traditional location or point of view 'opposite' the editorial page.

Read further if you wish to submit a letter or a column for publication.

Monday through Saturday, the Gazette-Mail publishes an opinion page in print and online. 

The Sunday Perspective section strives -- as the name suggests -- to offer more perspective on topics in the news, geographic or historical perspective, for example. It contains a mix of local and national authors.

When submitting a piece for publication, submit it to the opinion editor.

Letters should be up to 300 words and addressed to the editor. Paste the letter directly into an email.

Letters should be original content written exclusively for the Gazette-Mail opinion page.

All letters must include the author's name, address and a daytime phone number for verification.

Incomplete letters will be discarded. The Gazette-Mail Opinion pages cannot publish all letters and will not publish letters we consider libelous.

Columns are generally reserved for persons with particular expertise or experience in the subject matter. Columns should be 500 to 700 words in length, original content, not previously published elsewhere. Paste the document directly into an email. You may attach a Word version as well if you wish. Include a brief description of the author, and attach a portrait photograph of the author, and an email address, Twitter handle or website URL if you'd wish contact information to be included with the column.

The column should be well written, tasteful, factually accurate and generally be about a topic of current political, cultural, historical or local interest. List references to websites or other sources you cite for any facts of significance.

Include a suggested headline of about seven words, and a suggested subhead of about 12 words.

Include the submitter's telephone number and email address for verification, but not for publication.

Email is the preferred method of receiving letters and op-ed columns. Write 'Letter' or 'Op-ed' in the subject line, along with the topic. Paste the document directly into the email.

You may email your submission to or

You may follow up with a telephone call after emailing to be sure the email went through.

The Opinion Page editor has sole discretion whether to publish an item submitted. The Charleston Gazette-Mail reserves the right to edit all submissions.

If your letter or column is published, you are free to forward and post about it on social media with an electronic link to the newspaper website. Always credit the publication name and date.

Updated May 1, 2019.

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