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LETTER: Republicans have damaged the soul of the world (Gazette Opinion)


We need full disclosure and answers under oath from the liar-in-chief that my elected officials are enabling to destroy democracy.

They know the Trumps can actually become rich on the worlds’ money. Republicans have sold out America. Their complicity and corruption is obvious now.

Republicans are going to get people killed, but I am beginning to believe that is what they might want.

What the heck is wrong with Sens. Capito and Manchin and my Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W.Va.? Are they cowards and frauds?

All of the bigots in government have chosen white supremacy and white patriarchy over what was good for this nation and so now, for the rest of my lifetime, they have damaged the soul of the world with their greed and hypocrisy.

Paul Feazell


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