PHOTOS: Hilltop drive-in reopens as Hank's Last Stop

During the early morning hours of New Year’s Day in 1953, a Cadillac pulled into the lot of The Skyline Drive-in at the small, Fayette County community of Hilltop. After answering his call of nature, the driver of the car returned to discover that his passenger had expired. That passenger was country music icon Hank Williams.

Some 66-years later, husband and wife Ricky Green, who was a retired coal miner, and Neysa Green, who worked as a postal worker in Boone County, returned to their Fayette County home to pursue Neysa’s dream of opening her own restaurant and bar.

“I wanted to call it 3 Doors Down,” Neysa said.

The couple spent months repairing the former drive-in that had closed its doors about 20 years back.

“People kept pulling up to take pictures and wanting to talk about Hank,” Neysa said. “So it was kind of a no-brainer to keep the name and add on the Hank’s Last Stop part.”

Nearly 2 months have passed since the Greens reopened the beloved drive-in and the tables and stools are almost always full. Former customers reunite and new ones show up to check out the history and Neysa’s hot dogs.

“We tried to keep everything as close to the original,” Ricky said, referring to the interior of the drive-in.

Listening to the customers around the bar exchanging old Skyline stories, one can only feel that the Greens succeeded in keeping the feel of the old Skyline Drive-in at the new Hank’s Last Stop.

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