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The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between June 13 and June 21, 2019:

David Zane Johnson, 20, of South Charleston and Abbey Michelle Ferrari, 22, of Elkview.

Corey Allan Beaudoin, 24, and Samantha Renee Loudin, 25, both of Charleston.

Trevor Carl Deweese, 22, and Courtney Louise Kinder, 21, both of St. Albans.

Kevin Ian Davis, 37, and Christina Sue Foster, 41, both of Nitro.

Jason Allen Asbury, 39, and Cheree Elliott Manning, 40, both of Clendenin.

Kimberly Nicole Carpenter, 25, of Buffalo and Rikki Lynn Burford, 21, of Charleston.

Gerald Franklin Robinson, 53, and Michelle Holley Kuhn, 49, both of Charleston.

Hunter Matthew Hill, 24, of Shrewsbury, and Elaina Marie Wright, 24, of Charleston.

Jayson Tyler Hamrick, 25, and Caroline Elizabeth Seufer 25, both of Scott Depot.

Andrew Paul Howrylak, 31, of Winfield and Crystal Gayle McDaniel, 31, of South Charleston.

Ian Mark George, 22, of St. Albans and Michaela Ryanne Fisher, 19 of Elkview.

Garrett Andrew Ballengee, 31, and Kimberly Jane Bradley 31, both of Charleston.

Tyler Scott Fisher, 22, of Charleston and Brandi Nikole Snodgrass, 21, of Marmet.

Dustin Keith Facemyre, 21, and Mikayla Larayne Johnson, 20, both of Charleston.

Richard Andrew Hibbard, 38, and Kathryn Lynn Bradley, 34, both of Charleston.

Andrew Steven Ferguson, 23, of Winfield and Lady Joan E. Grace Kesler 22, of Nitro.

Troy Allen Burgess, 56, and Judy Ann Myers, 58, both of Charleston.

Lowell Thomas Hunt Jr., 48, of Palestine and Kelly Shannon Karpoicz, 47, of Elkview.

Basil Eugene White III, 51, and Billie Jo Wolfingbarger, 30, both of Charleston.

Robert Edward Cole, 46, and Melissa Lee Lively 50, both of South Charleston.

Johnny Eugene Cantrell, 32, and Rhonda Kay Salser 48, both of Nitro.

David Aaron Ramsey, 36, of Charleston and Michelle Marie Miller, 38 of Cross Lanes.

Jaxson Payne Lewis, 20, of South Charleston and Hayley Raine Heath, 20, of St. Albans.

Travis Dean Snyder, 43, and Jessica Nicole Perry, 31 both of St. Albans.

Jaren Terrel McCrae, 26, and Brittany Noel Whittington, 27, both of Cross Lanes.

James Matthew Gilliam, 30, and Mary Elizabeth Peek, 23, both of Charleston.

Kendra Raye Preston, 29, and Sheena Grace Griffith, 32, both of St. Albans.

Christopher Roger Jackson, 28, and Tiara Monae Nelson, 27, both of South Charleston.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between June 13 and 21, 2019:

Virgil Eugene Salmons, 27, and Lakyn Marie Parsley, 26, both of Hurricane

Alex William Lucas, 22, of Hurricane and Hannah Beth Painter, 22, of Red House

William Benjamin Johnson, 31, and Heather Dawn Brown, 35, both of Poca

Brian Matthew Walker, 27, and Tonya Ann Ranson, 33, both of Poca

Douglas Paul Fitch, 48, and Angela Lenora Robertson, 49, both of Hurricane

Nicholas Allen Thaxton, 23, and Amanda Jean Gillispie, 24, both of Poca.

John Robert Stewart, 28, and Catherine Ann Togger, 29, both of Hurricane.

Ryan Brent Snodgrass, 21, and Brittany Ann Brown, 27, both of Hurricane.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between June 13 and 21, 2019:

Christopher Thomas from Diana M. Thomas.

Ciarra Maxine Banner from Michael Martin Banner.

Janet Christinia Massey from Damon Ray Massey.

Barbara Ann Robinette from James Paul Robinette.

Randy Lee Young Jr. from Holly Sue Urlahs.

Brittany Nicole Berry from Zachary Ryan Hoover.

Jennifer Elaine Hill from William Clay Hill.

Connie S. Bumgardner from Robert L. Bumgardner Jr.

Angelia Denise Howze from Byron Keith Howze.

Jacob Clendenin from Shana Clendenin.

Shannon Kimberly Cogar from Holly Lara Doyle.

Shanti Leigh Bubernak from Robert Scott Bubernak.

Michael Vaughn Baxter Bledsoe from Ashley Marie Matheny Bledsoe.

Michael C. Fortier from Summer Louise Fortier.

John Paul Nesselrotte II from Chelsea Lynn Nesselrotte.

Megan Christine Roderick from Tony James Roderick.

David Brent Lawrence from Crystal Ann Lawrence.

Christina Dawn Young from Larry Brenton Young Jr.

The following divorces were filed in Putnam County between June 14 and 18, 2019:

David Allen Niebur from Julie Niebur.

Casey Horton from Christie B. Horton.

Chelsea R. Dickerson from Robert A. Dickerson.

Marissa Shinn from Andrew Shinn Jr.

Roger Keith Guest from Frances Jean Birdwell.

Kenneth W. Groom Jr. from Kelly Groom.

Donald Lee Brotherton from Laura A. Brotherton.

Thomas E. Johnston from Lisa Grimes Johnston.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between June 13 and 21, 2019:

Terra Abstract Trustee West Virginia Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association. Lot, Clendenin, $103,144.12.

Jada R. Barnett to Carol Wandling Faulknier. Lot, Union District, $140,000.

Thomas Williamson to MacCorkle Properties LLC. Lot, Jefferson, $75,000.

Cynthia Marie Patterson, Cathy Jean Patterson Snodgrass and Lynn Patterson Adkins to Cathy P. Snodgrass. Lot, Elk District, $100,000.

Don A. and Darla M. Raynes to Michael Ray Delafuentes. Lot, Union District, $88,800.

Charles R. Bevel, Roger N. Campbell and Larry D. Bevel to ATB Real Estate Holding Co. Inc. Lot, Elk District, $900,000.

Dale Reid and Caryn McDaniel to Christopher and Cera Albu. Lot, Jefferson District, $84,000.

Gary A. and Barbara J. Lanham to Ronald L. and Cindy L. McLaughlin. Lot, Union District, $155,000.

Michael G. and Holly C. Hardin to Justin L. and Brook Valentine. Lot, South Charleston, $230,000.

Joy B. Mega to Woodrow B. McFann III. Lot, Jefferson District, $198,000.

Kimberly Murphy to James B. Mangus. Lot, Jefferson District, $122,000.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Rose Hill Properties LLC. Parcels, Charleston, $80,000.

Clay G. Jarrett to Shawn D. and Shannon E. Wilson. Parcels, Charleston, $88,500.

George Edward III and Elizabeth Ann Hopkins to Jill Hope Burford and Glenn R. Savage. Lot, Charleston, $82,000.

Mark D. Clark to Recovery Property Management LLC. Lot, Jefferson District, $315,000.

Misha Tseytlin and Jingyuan Sun to Dean M. Cordle. Lot, Charleston, $279,000.

Alexis C. Barnhart to Amber B. Julian. Lot, Jefferson District, $118,000.

Richard W. and Linda Fletcher to Karen L. and Steve Lechiara and Margaret A. and Robie Robinson. Lot, Dunbar, $120,000.

Arnold J. Newhouse to Michael Fluharty and Lindsay Stahlman. Lot, Charleston, $189,400.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to Quicken Loans Inc. Lot, Charleston, $101,470.

Ali M. and Rima Hobeika to American International Relocation Solutions LLC. Lots, Charleston, $200,000.

American International Relocations Solutions LLC to Ronald W. and Rhonda D. Norman. Lots, Charleston, $197,800.

David A. Hayes and Melanie D. Ward to Bradley H. and Christina J. Hoffman. Lot, Charleston, $259,000.

Therese C. Davis to Ricardo Figueroa. Lot, Dunbar, $128,000.

Melissa Day to Barbara B. Frierson. Lot, St. Albans, $123,500.

Amber B. Julian to Moniefia Maitland. Lot, South Charleston, $80,000.

Daniel J. and Jennifer Cohn to Crescent A. Gallagher. Lot, Charleston, $146,750.

Adolfina Wolfe to Marcus Doddridge and Elizabeth Gail Shaffer. Lot, Loudon District, $700,000.

Melissa J. Coleman to Melissa K. Livingston and Robert L. Kidd. Lot Elk District, $110,000.

Whirlwind Homes LLC to Charles and Kathy Baxter. Lot, Charleston, $156,000.

K Starr LLC to Stephanie D. Ashley and Mason Weese. Lot, Charleston, $117,460.

Jeffrey L. and Karen A. Beane to Robert L,. and Donna J. Mooney. Lot, St. Albans, $159,000.

Kenneth Clay Jackson to Matthew Ray and Melanie C. Cobb. Lots, Geary District and Big Sandy District, $100,000.

Amanda Belesky and Tyler Hizer to Emogene Rhule and Stephanie Raines. Lot, St. Albans, $149,000.

Jeremy C. Bias and Erin N. Miller to Tiffany D. Steele. Lot, Dunbar, $90,000.

Samantha D. Jones to Mark and Sharon Halstead. Parcels, Elk Tax District, $255,000.

Randy R. Griffith to Linda Marie McClung. Lot, Jefferson District, $290,000.

Danny Curry to Paul Leonard and Lydia Susan McCracken. Lot, St. Albans, $125,000.

Teresa B. Satsman, et al, to Susanna R. and Stephen M. King. Lot, St. Albans, $147,500.

Timothy L. and Kimberly S. Williams to NEI Global Relocation Company. Lot, Elk District, $265,000.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Smantha D. Jones. Lot, Elk District, $265,000.

William T. Cavender and Deborah K. Jackson to G. Keith Boyles. Lot, Charleston, $155,000.

KCCO LLC to William L. Daily. Lot, South Charleston, $112,000.

Paula M. Johnston to Elizabeth Michelle Taylor. Lot, Elk District, $89,500.

Trademark Investments LLC to Brooke C. Butler. Lot, Union District, $95,585.

Anita F. Cleaver to Lloyd D. McMullen and Robert L. Holcomb. Lot, St. Albans, $100,000.

Wendy A. Medvick to Jeffrey Alan and Laurie Jewel Elkins. Parcels, Union District, $275,000.

Monica C. Dawson to Jody Lynn Asbury. Lot, Charleston, $520,000.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between June 13 and 20, 2019:

Patrick Tranchese to Howard Kinsey and Mary Stone. Lots, Scott District, $195,000.

Beverly A. Sayre and Diana S. Bennett to Zack William and Grace Ann Lee. Parcels, Buffalo, $79,000.

David M. and Tanya Gilbert to Pegasus Investment Inc. Lot, Teays Vaslley, $241,400.

Michael Means Jr. to Caleb D. Adkins. Lot, Curry, $133,000.

Mark A. and Connie Sue Vannoy to Cassandra D. and Susan R. Erwin. Lots, Union District, $140,000.

Lawrene W. and Michelle T. Quigley to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. Lot, Scott District, $345,000.

Frank D. and Patricia G. Neary to Tyjak Construction LLC. Lot, Scott District, $80,000.

Mark A. Hall, Wendy R. Hall to Texas Earl Howard IV. Lot, Scott District, $400,000.

Alexander Estep and Perry Estep to Rosa Renee and Robert L. Farmer, Lot, Curry, $230,400.

Clayton A. Seldomridge to William B. Dillon. Lot, Scott District, $202,000.

Patrick S. and Phyllis N. Haggerty to Judith Cope. Lot, Scott District, $224,900.

Jerry A. Jeffers to Donald T. McAllister, Lot, Hurricane, $133,700.

David W. and Buffy M. Gourley to John Ryan and Melissa A. Stewart. Lot, Scott District, $485,000.

Jeanne R. and Gary E. Sergent to Trademark Holdings LLC. Lot, Bancroft, $82,500.

Janet Larck, Peggy Ann Melton, Drema Melton and Betty Jean Melton to Sharon Warren Lewis. Lot, Union District, $96,500.

300N LLC to Duong Thuy Nguyen and Luu H. Pham. Lot, Scott District, $170,000.

Joseph P. Thomas, Marilu M. Thomas, Charles Thomas and Mary S. Broussard to Virgil F. and Carolyn S. Rice. Lot, Teays Valley, 219,000.

Richard D. and Utica C. Wallace to Joshua A. Sharp. Lot, Scott Teays, $160,000.

Deidra R. Kelley to Shawn P. Woods. Lot, Teays Valley, $270,000.

Harry Todd and Traci A. Dunmire to Christopher J. and Kristin S. Brown. Lot, Teays Valley, $450,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies we filed between June 13 and 21, 2019:

Frank Joseph and Gladys Maynor, Jeffrey, Chapter 7. Assets: $71,964, Liabilities: $108,831.

Chad Everett and Hannah Marie Gibson, Kermit, Chapter 7. Assets: $43,012, Liabilities: $59,330.

Gene Alan Howery, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $24,245, Liabilities: $44,128.

Nora Nicole Milam, Fayettevile, Chapter 7. Assets: $95,942, Liabilities: $137,271.

David Andrew Johnston, Belle, Chapter 7. Assets: $30,516, Liabilities: $85,711.

Larry Dean and Emma Lou Dolin, Julian, Chapter 7. Assets: $31,650, Liabilities: $52,574.

Herman Lee and Carol Jean Bottenfield, Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $16,521, Liabilities: $33,237.

William Carethage Fenton Jr., Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $157,433, Liabilities: $612,223.

Belva Petry Stallard, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $64,520, Liabilities: $64,581.

Miranda Jean Via, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $20,263, Liabilities: $131,774.

Michael Lamar and Elizabeth Ann Martin, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $37,250, Liabilities: $211,624.

Donald Franklin Metcalf, MacArthur, Chapter 7. Assets: $22,275, Liabilities: $39,868.

Charles Darren and Jennilyn Clark, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $180,877, Liabilities: $228,401.

David Alexander Lickliter Jr., Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

David Lee Keith Sr., Sophia, Chapter 7. Assets: $76,855, Liabilities: $115,240.

Chad Alexander and Sarah Elizabeth Vintorini, Ravenswood, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Alice Ann Jordan, Alderson, Chapter 13. Assets: $116,657, Liabilities: $168,985.

Ricky Edward and Marsha Louise Saye, Coal City, Chapter 13. Assets: $83,031, Liabilities: $45,535.

David Earl Rhodes, Mount Hope, Chapter 13. Assets: $61,876, Liabilities: $124,990.