On file: June 9, 2019

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between May 30 and June 5, 2019:

Cameron Lee King, 28, and Rebekah Elizabeth Johnson, 29, both of Clermont.

John Anthony Johnson, 55, of Charleston, and Cheryl Yvonne Woods, 55, of St. Albans.

Richard Allen Meeks, 49, of Ypsilanti, Michigan, and Ingrid Leonie Holley, 45, of Charleston.

Gary Andrew Goad, 41, and Traci Renae Easter, 35, both of Charleston.

Daniel Creed Cart, 27, and Brittany Nicole Pauley, 28, both of South Charleston.

William Otha White II, 23, of Drybranch, and Allie Renee Nelson, 21, of Belle.

Shane David Holstine, 48, and Sandra Kaye Larch, 48, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Franklin Nida, 24, and Katherine Danielle Muncey, 19, both of Cross Lanes.

Steven Andrew Back, 34, and Tabitha Nicole Saddler, 38, both of Sissonville.

Matthew Evans Moore, 30, and Amanda Caroline Buskirk, 33, both of South Charleston.

Samuel Nickolas Short, 22, and Tiffany Nicole Coleman, 28, both of Belle.

Richard Wilson Fink, 40, of Belle, and Wendy Dawn Hedrick, 39, of Charleston.

Austin Trace Springston, 22, of Charleston, and Sarah Christine Casto, 21, of Troutman, North Carolina.

Joseph Matthew Coffman, 36, of Marietta, Ohio, and Chelsey Nichole Priestley, 25, of South Charleston.

Keith Anthony Rider, 25, and Toni Leigh Bennett, 20, both of Charleston.

Carmine Divino D’Alessio, 27, of St. Albans, and Natalie Annette Lanham, 26, of Charleston.

Blake Anthony Stump, 21, of Yawkey, and Olivia Mackenzie Carnegie, 21, of Charleston.

James Michael Olah, 31, and Ashley Dawn Martin, 31, both of Charleston.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between May 30 and June 5, 2019:

Colin Reed Nelson, 23, of Milton and Hannah Renee Adkins, 22, of Scott Depot.

Alexander Williams Barker, 25, and Sierra Virginia Grant, 21, of Hurricane.

Gregory Patrick Speicher, 24, of Westerville, Ohio, and Nicole Lynn Carper, 23, of East Lansing, Michigan.

Jeffrey Scott Holmes II, 25, and Alexandria Michael Hinshaw, 25, both of Hurricane.

Corey David McClure, 23, and Victoria Gwen Broughman, 21, both of Poca.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between May 30 and June 5, 2019:

Timothy David Cooper from Tracey Ann Stevens.

Victoria Hope Crapello from Dominick Anthony Crapello.

Benjamin Roman Veit from Brittany Denise Rhodes.

Cassandra Janette Ferguson from James A. Ferguson.

Elyse Alexandra Peal from Andrew Charles Peal.

Wyking Richardson from Emma M. Richardson.

Ralph Wagoner from Janet K. Wagoner.

Christina Paige Maynard from Chester Aaron Maynard.

Bryan Keith Scarbro Jr. from Cassady Breann Scarbro.

Gabriel Reedy Fitzgerld from Diana Marie Reedy.

Sherrie Stephens Bryant from Jeremy Wade Bryant.

Samantha Joleen Seltzer from Kevin Andrew Seltzer.

Jerry Ray Melton from Lauradees Marie Melton.

Marty Lynn Lanham from Curtis Manuel Lanham.

Lindsey Brooke Humphrey from Jack Andrew Persinger.

Samantha Sue Hudnall from William Lawrence Hudnall.

Jason C. Roton from Kaitlin N. Roton.

Andrew Leon Wagner from Victoria Skyl Casada.

Kevin D. Peal from Jeanette L. Kinder.

Joshua Keith Tincher from Rachel Leigh Scarberry.

Divorces for Putnam County were not available at press time.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between May 30 and June 5, 2019:

Janet Humphreys Allison and Ruth Humphreys Tucker to Matthew W. Lovejoy and Shannon D. Lovejoy. Tracts, Jefferson District, $120,000.

Anna Mae Perry to Matthew T. Fitzwater, Tommy R. Fitzwater and Beverly Ann Fitzwater. Parcel, Jefferson District, $89,900.

Gregory D. Silverman to Matthew Steven Bauer and Kimberly Dawn Blankenship. Lots, Charleston, $118,750.

Joshua L. Cooper and Cami R. Cooper to Preston D. Heath. Lot, St. Albans, $99,000.

Sharon Dollison to Stephen E. Stoffel Jr. Lot, St. Albans, $110,000.

Melinda M. Groves to Junior L. Evans and Patricia K. Evans. Parcel, Big Sandy District, $105,000.

Trademark Investments LLC to Edward Tobin and Dominique Tobin. Lot, Charleston, $182,100.

Curtis Knowlton and Margaret Knowlton to Zachary Lambert. Lot, Charleston, $175,000.

Deborah E. Hissom to Aaron J. Souza and Danielle L. Souza. Lot, Elk District, $130,500.

Jon M. Moore, Carolyn J. Moore and Julie Fine to Ryan J. Halsey. Lot, Charleston, $78,000.

David William Neff and Beverly Jane Neff to Ollie C. White and Patricia McGarry. Lot, South Charleston, $83,000.

Ren Qin Zheng to Javier Valdez and Lupe Valdez. Lots, St. Albans, $150,000.

Josephine M. Bowyer and Judith Fogle Wallace to Stephanie P. Toler. Lot, Charleston, $130,000.

Mathew A. Crist and Shanda L. Crist to Drema Rena Pauley. Lot, South Charleston, $165,000.

Dickinson M. Gould III and Angela M. Gould to Angela N. Namey. Lot, Charleston, $308,711.

Hillary Gibson to Teddy J. Harmon and Carla L. Harmon. Lot, St. Albans, $122,500.

Ritchie L. McGrew and Patricia F. McGrew to Jeffrey A. Sampson and Tracy L. Dennis. Lot, Marmet, $102,000.

Swarthmore Capital LLC to Jacquelyn A. Roberts. Tract, St. Albans, $125,000.

Melissa E. Remington to Christian Baumgarner and Allison N. Whitener. Tracts, Charleston, $197,000.

Barbara F. Woods to John F. O’Dell and Clarise O’Dell. Lot, Union District, $150,000.

Stacey Ellen Copeland to Armando Arellano. Lot, Charleston, $260,000.

William M. Lane to Gregory Daniel Lavinder. Lot, St. Albans, $100,000.

Michael C. Ray Jr. to Jordan R. Williams. Lot, South Charleston, $150,000.

Debra A. Rowsey to Randall K. Wright. Lot, Charleston, $355,000.

Amanda E. McCarty to Robert W. Lightfoot. Lot, Charleston, $171,500.

Danvil Newhouse, Velma Edens, Freeman Newhouse, Joan Newhouse Baldwin, Brandon Newhouse and Brian Thomas to Rachel F. McCoy and Ramsey M. McCoy. Lot, Poca District, $200,000.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between May 30 and June 5, 2019:

Alice Jones to Thomas E. Rhodes and Stacey C. Rhodes. Acres, Eleanor, $155,000.

William R. Morris and Beverly A. Morris to Jared K. Woofter and Jessica R. Woofter. Acres, Scott Depot, $470,000.

Joseph E. Warner to Katelyn M. Ramsey. Lot, Hurricane, $215,000.

Lura K. Bain to Brandon D. Beck and Alicia R. Beck. Lot, Scott Depot, $199,000.

Timothy Debord to Lura L. Beck and Travis A. Beck. Lot, Scott Depot, $265,000.

Billie S. McCloy to David Charles McCallister and Chrystal Marie McCallister. Acres, Hurricane, $120,000.

Joseph Dale Bailey and Meghan Bailey to Matthew T. Sumpter. Lot, Hurricane, $151,300.

Donna K. Sergent, Ida Mae Kitts, and Kathryn L. Burke Saunders to Eddie Manning. Lot, Scott Depot, $215,000.

James R. Reed and Deborah L. Reed to Christopher Middleton and Lexie Middleton. Lot, Poca, $225,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc., Jake W. Null and Kasey N. Null to Pennymax Loan Service LLC. Lot, Poca, $140,010.

Jack B. Burdette II to Othello B. Washington III and Veronica J. Washington. Lot, Scott Depot, $240,000.

Andrew S. Ruby and Cherokee S. Ruby to Anthony S. Gillispie. Tracts, Union District, $206,500.

Michael P. Black and Carrie B. Black to Shawn E. Jackson and Jerome A. Russell. Lot, Scott Depot, $395,000/

DHB LLC to Charles J. Chiatto and Andrea M. Chiatto. Lot, Winfield, $335,000.

Jimmy J. Bumgarner and Shari L. Bumgarner to Matthew E. Conner and Kari D. Conner. Lot, Winfield, $390,000.

Craig A. Workman and Donna J. Workman to Eastland LLC. Lot, Scott Depot, $80,000.

Thomas R. Tull and Claudia Q. Tull to Deidra L. Atwood and Melissa Nash. Acres, Scott Depot, $269,000.

Deborah B. Bias to Thomas S. Hill and Joseph B. Marinacci. Lot, Scott Depot, $225,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies we filed between May 30 and June 5, 2019:

Kenneth Edward Hanson Sr., Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $102,271.80, Liabilities: $186,429.

James Lee Grass, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Melanie Anne Runyon, Holden, Chapter 7. Assets: $108,377, Liabilities: $172,837.

Carma L. Thompson, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,199, Liabilities: $9,620.

Joshua Adam Pimentel, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $163,512, Liabilities: $188,029.

Norma Jean Wilson, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,600, Liabilities: $16,988.

Gina Marie Myers, Clendenin, Chapter 7. Assets: $23,509, Liabilities: $24,942.

Claudia Rose Garrison and Wayne Raymond Garrison Jr., Cross Lanes, Chapter 7. Assets: $195,531, Liabilities: $232,060.

Joshua Darrell and Kayla Rashelle Webb, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $71,685, Liabilities: $123,719.

Lawrence Jackson and Debra Jean Asbury, Slab Fork, Chapter 7. Assets: $52,860, Liabilities: $143,362.

Dolores Ann Carter, White Sulphur Springs, Chapter 7. Assets: $56,145, Liabilities: $77,923.

KKG Enterprises LLC, Lewisburg, Chapter 11. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $11,761.

Funerals for Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cromley, Doris - 2 p.m., Good Shepherd United Methodist Church.

Harrison, Jeffrey - Noon, Coonskin Park, Shelter #18, Charleston.

Hiser, Audrey - Noon, Wallace Memorial Cemetery, Clintonville.

Massey, Paul - 2 p.m., Restlawn Memory Gardens, Victor.