On file: June 2, 2019


The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between May 22 and 30, 2019:

Renee Lynn Taylor, 28, and Amanda Irene Resvaloso, 33, both of Cross Lanes.

Nicholas Tyler Campbell, 23, and Kirsten Haley Huffman, 20, both of Dunbar.

Devin Lucio Flores Mcie, 26, and Brianna Faith Gill, 22, both of South Charleston.

Jess David Godbey, 29, and Kelli Dawn Sullivan, 28, both of South Charleston.

Teraun Daniel Perry Marcus, 29, of Woodbrigde, Virginia, and Evalene Mae Bartram, 28, of Evans.

Alec Jason Davis, 21, of Marmet, and Aleena Nancy Ward, 20, of Whitesville.

Jeremy Eugene Meeks, 42, and Angel Dawn Schaible, 35, both of South Charleston.

Samuel Crawford Barnes, 67, of Plainfield, New Jersey, and Elizabeth Robin Stelkie, 62, of Pineville, Louisiana.

William Michael Melton, 38, and Amanda Dawn Miller, 40, both of St. Albans.

Andrew Carl-Jones Roberts, 34, and Ashley Nicole Hilton, 28, both of Charleston.

James Anthony Washington, 32, and Anna Cash Stopper, 30, both of Charleston.

Derek Lee Hogan, 32, and Lara Ann Legg, 30, both of Charleston.

Patrick Evan Strickland, 22, of Charleston, and Jodee Elizabeth Bolen, 20, of Belle.

Nickolas Cage, 19, and Marissa Brooke Kozak, 18, both of Charleston.

John Allen Sanders, 41, and Catherine Elizabeth Spadafora, 58, both of Clendenin.

Christopher Michael McCallister, 28, and Shantil Nichole George, 26, both of Charleston.

Homer William Lanham IV, 25, of Cross Lanes, and Brianna Nicole Byers, 24, of St. Albans.

Roy Steven Baldwin Jr., 39, and Bridget Nicole Mullins, 35, bith of Nitro.

Steve Kent Crabill II, 30, of Cross Lanes, and Haley Marie Dan, 29, of Sissonville.

Dajon Eric Watkins, 21, of Fort Polk, Louisiana, and Mallory Noelle Woods, 25, of Shrewsbury.

Zacharian Kelly Blackburn, 20, of Fort Gay, and Hannah Joy Lester, 20, of McGraws.

Samuel Jason Hedrick, 48, and Lola Sue Spencer, 44, both of Charleston.

Robert Lee Maynard, 59, and Virginia Pearl White, 56, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Blaine Smith, 39, of Charleston, and Ann Marie Bollinger, 30, of South Charleston.

Jacob Ray Alton, 23, of Fayetteville, and Taylor McKenzie Ingram, 22, of Mount Carbon.

Matthew Ryan Skeen, 25, of Charleston, and Victoria Helen Craft, 22, of South Point, Ohio.

Joseph Jordan Tuck, 23, of Thomasville, Georgia, and Madison Olivia Settle, 20, of Charleston.

Mark Edward Tarr, 52, and Samantha Jayne Tarr, 50, both of Charleston.

Ian Daniel Thistlethwaite, 28, Diana Berenice Flores Mata, 28, both of Charleston.

Shane Patrick Jeffries, 25, of Charleston, and Allison Rene Humphreys, 22, of Cross Lanes.

Ethan Andre Clark, 24, and Kourtney Beth Kirk, 25, both of Cross Lanes.

David Clinton Freeman, 54, and Amy Lynn Keeney, 49, both of Cabin Creek.

Lawrence Edward Sayre III, 32, and Chelsea Rae Dunn, 25, both of Cross Lanes.

Clarence Edward Gaminde, 40, and Amber Jolene Davis, 26, both of Charleston.

Joshua Thomas Emplit, 28, of Thomaston, Georgia, and Dimary Rivera Santiago, 32, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Israel Lazaro-Rivera, 26, and Amara Autumn Yoak, 26, both of Charleston.

Justin Adam Bailes, 32, and Erin Kathleen Fouts, 35, both of Charleston.

Tyler Dale Shaffer, 22, of Sissonville, and Bailie Jo Payne, 22, of Charleston.

Cameron Lee King, 28, and Rebekah Elizabeth Johnson, 29, both of Clermont, Florida.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between May 22 and 30, 2019:

Cameron Nicholas Drake, 24, of Hurricane, and Laciana Marie Dodd, 29, of St. Albans.

Matthew Isaac Boggs, 25, and Sarah Elizabeth Gabhart, 24, both of Lexington, Kentucky.

Sean Robert Cain, 25, and Tiffany Michelle Newland, 25, both of Winfield.

Jonathan Ray Godfrey, 46, and Erika Lee Mcclure, 42, both of Culloden.

Christopher Ryan Kennedy, 38, and Amanda Lou Bridgette, 42, both of Poca.

Adrian Hurl White, 44, and Angela Shannon Yeager, 42, both of Poca.

Caleb Michael Torman, 27, and Rachel Ann Riddle, 24, both of Culloden.

Gilbert Lee Mitchell, 29. and Ashley Nicole Martin, 26, both of Buffalo.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between May 22 and 30, 2019:

Paul Allen Green from Lora Lynn Green.

Darlene Elizabeth Lacy-Carter from Michael Dwayne Carter.

Brittany Rae McNeal from John Mitchell McNeal.

Kristin D. Berry from James Berry.

Helen Connie Shaffer from Matthew Scot Shaffer.

Jesse Daniel Payne from Rebecca Jean Payne.

Cindy Ann Law from Michael Scott Law.

Barbara Bucklin Frierson from Michael Paul Harman.

Nathan Lee Anderson from Jennifer Elizabeth Anderson.

Nelson Theodore Graham from Bridgett Nichol Graham.

Adam Daniel Jarrell from Karrie Ann Jarrell.

Daniel Kenneth Gernert from Julie Marie Gernert.

Ernest Dalton Anderson Jr. from Lois June Anderson.

Stephen Reynolds from Deborah Reynolds.

Samantha Lee Anderson from Maurice Anderson.

Amber D. Asbury from Christopher T. Asbury.

Rhonda Louise Rizk from Richard Onsi Rizk.

Daniel Ray Smith from Haley Beth Smith.

Jennifer Nicole Belcher from Frederick Matthew Corey Belcher.

The following divorces were finalized in Putnam County between May 9 and 29, 2019:

Monica Lyn Thornton from Glen Wayne Thornton.

Johnathan David Parsons from Amy Jolee Parsons.

Kimberly June Skiles from Chad Wade Skiles.

Heather S. Garner from Timothy Allen Kirk.

Morgan Brittany Robinson from Cody Dean Robinson.

Courtney Suzanne Mitchell from Jeremy Wade Mitchell.

Thomas Arthur Scott from Deanna Eddy Scott.

Emily Smith Hoffman from Jonathan Ryan Hoffman.

Timmy Eugene Higginbotham from Mindie Jean Higginbotham.

Paula Kim Leslie from Lawrence William Leslie.

Jonathan B. Grose from Rachel N. Grose.

Loretta Lynn Smith from Jeremy K. Smith.

Stephanie Lynn Grose from Craig Allen Grose.

Brandi S. Marcum from Michael S. Marcum.

Timothy Casto from Jennifer Casto.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between May 22 and 30, 2019:

Stephen L. Thompson to Select Financial Services Inc. Lots, South Charleston, $183,564.

David G. Hammond and Jody Baker Hammond to Tye J. Ward and Erica B. Ward. Parcels, Charleston, $204,000.

WV Trustee Services LLC to U.S. Bank, National Association. Tract, Kanawha County, $116,344.40.

WV Trustee Services LLC to Planet Home Lending LLC. Lots, Charleston, $80,300.

Kristina Bliss Steele to Deloise Childress. Lot, St. Albans, $79,900.

Mary P. Adkins, Cynthia A. Fisher, Samuel J. Aquino, Elizabeth Greer and John Aquino to Truman Joseph Fisher III and Cynthia A. Fisher. Lots, St. Albans, $93,000.

Michael Ferguson and Sylvia Ferguson Jackson to James Michael Williams Sr. and Sharon Jean Williams. Parcels, Hansford, $75,000.

Jessica S. Bailes and Travis Bailes to Ian Daniel Thistlethwaite. Lots, Loudon District, $237,500.

Lester E. Landers Jr. and Kimberly M. Landers to Nicholas A. Edens and Courtney Marie Edens. Parcels, Dunbar, $110,000.

William A. Ross and Laura A. Ross to Eli B. Litton and Stephanie D. Litton. Lot, Washington District, $385,000.

The Estate of Mary Elizabeth Childress to Sarah E. Cochran. Lot, Jefferson District, $147,000.

CBGB Enterprise LLc to John William Barrett. Lot, Charleston, $328,000.

Stebec LLC to City of Dunbar. Lot, Dunbar, $77,100.

Allie W. Smaidi to Eric James Gerencir and Shannon Lea Gerencir. Lot, Union District, $221,500.

AB Contracting Inc. to Carolyn S. Boyles. Lots, Elk District, $259,000.

Ronald D. Mullins and Cheryl A. Beringer to Steven D. Pridemore and Sharon L. Pridemore. Tract, Elk District, $130,000.

Stephen J. Krebs and Jean A. Krebs to Lyle P. Weiss and Leonia Copeland. Lot, Jefferson District, $207,000.

William B. Martin and Tracy L. Martin to Eric Brent Coultier. Tracts, Elk District, $142,500.

Robert L. Parsons Sr., Mae Parsons and Bearon L. Parsons to Arla K. Murdock and Deborah P. Murdock. Tract, Big Sandy District, $77,500.

Randall Lee Gunno and Beverly Sue Gunno to Matthew T. Brazington and Christine M. Brazington. Tract, Jefferson District, $305,000.

Christopher M. Ojeda to Hannah N. Barton and Caleb Eskins. Tract, Elk District, $130,000.

Maureen D. Wellman and Jack F. Wellman to Christopher Peter Cmiel. Lot, Charleston, $175,000.

Teresa A. Williams to James R. Lemon. Lot, Union District, $108,500.

Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia Inc. to C.K.C. Properties LLC. Lots, Charleston, $700,000.

United Bank, Trustee of the Eugene V. Byard Testamentary Trust, to C.K.C. Properties LLC. Lot, Charleston, $1,400,000.

Ruby F. McCormick to Rodney Copen and Marian Copen. Parcels, Jefferson District, $134,900.

CBA Enterprise LLC to Lauren M. Nappi. Lots, South Charleston, $497,000.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between May 22 and May 30, 2019:

Dallas H. Young to Jacob E. Hickman. Parcel, Teays Valley, $135,000.

Cathy R. Ward to Stephen B. Tipler and Carmen Tipler. Lot, Scott Depot, $230,000.

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Danylo Loychenko. Lot, Teays Valley, $132,000.

Melinda Sue Wallace to Amanda L. Chesson and Joshua C. Heskett. Lot, Scott Depot, $162,000.

Twelve O Six Virginia Inc. to Service Wire Company. Parcels, Curry District, $315,000.

Russell C. Page to Travis Barrett. Lot, Scott Depot, $173,900.

Justin E. Seabolt to Joshua Perry and Amanda D. Perry. Acres, Scott Depot, $237,000.

Sharon K. Cantrell to Jan Isabelle Kahn. Parcel, Poca, $215,000.

Woodland Designs Inc. to Suzanne Renee Woods. Lot, Teays, Valley, $265,000.

John G. Canterberry and Simran Aidana Canterberry to Nathan R. Hamons. Lot, Poca, $163,000.

Michael E. Comer and Valerie A. Comer to Randall Webb Estep and Sheryl Sue Estep. Lot, Scott Depot, $350,000.

Robert B. Taylor and Tina M. Taylor to Brandon B. Shamblin and Ashley B. Shamblin. Lot, Winfield, $309,000.

Franklin Real Estate Company to Vandalia Growers USA LLC. Acres, Buffalo, $1,382,400.

Adam R. Alley and Sara Alley to William B. Martin and Tracy L. Martin. Lot, Scott Depot, $200,000.

Kevin L. Peters and Maneerat K. Peters to Cheva Ising and W.D. Ising. Lot, Hurricane, $308,000.

Justin C. Nottingham and Michelle Nottingham to Cheyenna L. Williams. Lot, Scott Depot, $205,000.

Gregory Walter Mitchell to Joshua Ryan Huffman and Valerie M. Huffman. Lot, Hurricane, $255,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies we filed between May 22 and 30, 2019:

Joseph Edward and Beverly Bennett Hollingsworth, Leivasy, Chapter 7. Assets: $106,520, Liabilities: $67,246.

Franklin Darr and Tanya Renee Winter, Ripley, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,847, Liabilities: $93,790.

Cynthia Lynne Jones, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $56,604, Liabilities: $35,440.

Christopher Allen Workman, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $7,474, Liabilities: $22,380.

Nancy Jean Clendenin, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $164,156, Liabilities: $293,443.

Darrell Ray Drake, Procious, Chapter 7. Assets: $24,765, Liabilities: $64,623.

Debra Ann Johnston, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,848, Liabilities: $30,224.

Waylon Dale and Alisha Gale Martin, Oak Hill, Chapter 7. Assets: $57,245, Liabilities: $72,159.

Thelma Kay Tyler, Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $4,300, Liabilities: $73,346.

Jerome Taylor Cyfers, Ranger, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,575, Liabilities: $46,859.

Charles Walter Eanes, Belfry, Ky., Chapter 7. Assets: $75,175, Liabilities: $80,328.

Melissa Dawn Tyler, Alum Creek, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,730, Liabilities: $17,779.

Daniel Lee Ivey, Mt. Hope, Chapter 7. Assets: $70,613, Liabilities: $96,700.

Chester Ray Leonard, Mount Hope, Chapter 7. Assets: $48,586, Liabilities: $211,673.

Sandra Marie Neace, Belfrey, Ky., Chapter 7. Assets: $10,990, Liabilities: $83,248.

Abagail Kathaleen Walden, Hernshaw, Chapter 7. Assets: $108,538, Liabilities: $274,457.

Tyia Denise Reveal, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $33,890, Liabilities: $27,395.

Diana Dawn Snodgrass, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $155,914, Liabilities: $198,850.

Andrea Dawn Estep, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $157,348, Liabilities: $296,731.

Patricia Gayle Sampson, Nellis, Chapter 7. Assets: $44,055, Liabilities: $41,999.

James Richard Sr. and Mary Ellen Mullens, Craigsville, Chapter 7. Assets: $84,611, Liabilities: $160,538.

Jackie James and Barbara Jeanne Lynch, Summersville, Chapter 7. Assets: $17,519, Liabilities: $58,562.

Gregory Allen and Paula Elaine Barker, Stollings, Chapter 7. Assets: $183,350, Liabilities: $176,161.

Timothy Ray Gardner, Lookout, Chapter 7. Assets: $65,365, Liabilities: $286,218.

Frank Elmer Bowyer, Hico, Chapter 7. Assets: $20,340, Liabilities: $110,020.

Donald Franklin Holley, White Sulphur Springs, Chapter 7. Assets: $69,867, Liabilities: $68,651.

Desirae Nashee’ Banks, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $91,040, Liabilities: $110,215.

Arnold Odell Lambert III, Cool Ridge, Chapter 7. Assets: 22,343.00, Liabilities: 55,063.

Dean Allen and Bonnie Sue McKinney, Beaver, Chapter 7. Assets: $124,567, Liabilities: $124,867.

The Wine Valley LLC, Charleston, Chapter 11. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Duane Alan Mills, and Kris H. Mills, South Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Kimberly Jo Grinstead, Nitro, Chapter 13. Assets: $168,730, Liabilities: $288,579.

Funerals for Monday, November 18, 2019

Blackwell, Emily - 5 p.m., Coonskin Clubhouse, Charleston.

Buhl, Dolores - Noon, Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church, Pinch.

Carr, Charles - Noon, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, St. Albans.

Cobb, James - 1 p.m., Siniaville Cemetery, Statts Mills.

Duncan, Maxine - 1 p.m., Chapman Funeral Home, Hurricane.

Evans, Anita - 1 p.m., Tyree Funeral Home, Mount Hope.

Hedrick Sr., Judson - Noon, Stevens & Grass Funeral Home, Malden.

Honeycutt, Amanda - 2 p.m., Osborne Cemetery, Craddock Fork, Lake.

Jarrell, Michael - 1 p.m., Greene - Robertson Funeral Home, Sutton.

Karnes, Shirley - 2 p.m., Gatens-Harding Funeral Home, Poca.

Stone, Penny - 2 p.m., Roush Funeral Home, Ravenswood.

Wilmoth, Patricia - 7 p.m., Stump Funeral Home & Cremation Inc., Grantsville.