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On File: June 30, 2019


The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between June 21 and 27, 2019:

Wayne Lee Camp, 49, and Melissa Ann Braman, 39, both of Charleston.

Samuel Louis Cassis, 36, and Nicole Ann Stark, 31, both of Charleston.

Victor Vincent Fisher, 61, of Fairmont and Lisa Motley Ray, 50, of Charleston.

Josephus Dean Malone, 37, and Hilary Aileen Keller, 26, both of Charleston.

Terran Antwone Foster, 38, of Dunbar and Hannah Wynema Jeffers, 23, of Red House.

Shawn Kenney Herbert, 36, and Tammy Lee Estep, 39, both of South Charleston.

Nicole Danyel Massenburg and Markkeia Antwonette Johnson, 30, both of Rand.

David Glenn Westfall II, 44, of Tornado and Melinda Sue Lendon, 33, of Cross Lanes.

David Michael Kirk, 72, and Ruth Ellen Ranson, 45, both of Alum Creek.

Christopher Matthew Shank, 39, of St. Albans and Ashley Ann Croushorn 25, of Cross Lanes.

Edward Milton DuBose, 73, and Frances Marian Shearin, 75, both of Charleston.

Cody Andrew Roberts, 26, and Chelsea Anae Fletcher, 26, both of Charleston.

James Gordon Parrish, 49, and Amanda Lilliann Jenkins, 28, both of Charleston.

Jacob Timothy Berry, 24, and Kandis Nicole Courtney, 25, both of Hansford.

Austin Blake Wilkinson, 25, of Peytona and Jacalyn Marie Cool, 27, of Poca.

Dorse Denzil Dewayne Sears, 39, of Clendenin and Michael Allen Moore, 36, of Charleston.

Richard Leo Fleshman, 61, and Renee Watts, 44, both of Charleston.

Dakota Scott Payne, 24, and Candace Nicole Bradley, 27, both of Charleston.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between June 20 and 27, 2019:

Cody Robert Carmack, 27, of Miamisburg, Ohio and Sabrina Mae Cain, 29, of Buffalo.

Wesley Owen Neal, 26, and Kendra Darlene Holland, 21, both of Hurricane.

Michael Scott Barron, 33, of Nitro and Micah Paige Osborne, 30, of Winfield.

Thomas Burton Stratton 46, and Amber Stover Grierson, 42, both of Hurricane.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between June 21 and 27, 2019:

Amanda Dawn McCarty-Linton from Richard Dow Linton.

Joseph Charles Southern from Leslie Dawn Southern.

Abby Rose Broome from Jordan Scott Lee Broome.

Amber R. Bostic from David A. Bostic.

Lawinda Gail Elkins from Anthony Brian Elkins.

Gerald Taylor Jr. from Leslie Kay Taylor.

Michael F. Scott from Sandra K. Scott.

Julie Michelle Ulery from Brian Lee Ulery.

Alicia Jean Reynolds from Frank Anthony Reynolds.

Greg A. Slack from Renea Slack.

Jeffery E. Carrier from Kimberly Faye Carrier.

Teresa Renee Smith from Leon Eugene Smith.

Ricky Alan Shamblin from Lori Ann Shamblin.

Brianna Kelsey Hunstad Pauley from Bryan Anthony Pauley.

Joshua Edward Cooper from Sarah Joy Cooper.

Angel McCoy from Jeremy Moore.

Theresa Kay Duncan from Gary Wayne Duncan.

Bethany Dawn Rucker from Gary Joel Rucker.

Tracy L. Vealey from Dana L. Vealey.

Ashley Straight Workman from Victor Bruce Workman.

Casey Nicole Webb from Colin MacKenzie Webb.

Amy Nicole Tucker from Thomas Allen Tucker.

William R. Platt from Michelle B. Platt.

Antwuan Levar Crowder from Kathleen Mary Crowder.

Edward Blanchard from Sarah Blanchard.

The Putnam County divorces were not available by press time.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between June 21 and 27, 2019:

Jane H. Kessell to Matthew Underwood. Lot, St. Albans, $108,000.

Kevin M. and Robin G. Simmons to Micheal W. and Mary K. Abshire. Lots, Elk District, $187,000.

Robinson Rental Properties LLC to Swarthmore Capital LLC. Lot, Charleston, $407,500.

Edith Harris to James M. and Faye I. Jackson. Lot, St. Albans, $91,000.

Thomas L. and Elizabeth E. Gooding to Briana L. Warner and Justin L. Williams. Lot, Charleston, $210,000.

Nancy R. Johnston to APW Enterprises LLC. Lot, Charleston, $150,000.

Judith S. Conway, sole trustee of the Landmark Baptist Church to CO Hines Properties Inc. Lot, Jefferson District, $140,000.

Kenneth L. Gillenwater to Eugene D. Jr. and Stephanie J. Quickle. Lot, St. Albans, $80,000.

Larry Flot Investments LLc to Andrew D. and Kasey L. Bailey. Lot, St. Albans, $130,585.

Maureen Burke Kidd, Ann Kessler Grishaber and Robert Edward Grishaber to James Stephen Cochran and Lisa Ann King. Lot, Charleston, $155,000.

Win and Win Inc. to 87 Cyan Drive LLC. Lot, Union District, $160,000.

Nicholas R. Anuszkiewicz to Taylor Leigh Crammer. Lot, Charleston, $160,000.

The MLE/SLG Business Trust to Little General Store Inc. Lot, Union District, $1,325,000.

Gary R. and Trena J. Osborne to Willie B. Holmes. Lot, Jefferson District, $124,000.

Stanley K. and Linda L. Miller to Richard B. Williams. Lot, Jefferson District, $179,900.

Sherrie A. Armstrong to Kaitlin C. Scarberry. Lot, South Charleston, $175,000.

John S. and Dinah L. Johnson to Anna L. and Nathaniel L. Rainey. Lot, St. Albans, $92,500.

Brenda Kuhn Davidson and Charles Douglas Davidson to Paul E. McCormick. Lot, Jefferson District, $150,000.

John S. Webb to April K. Baldwin. Lot, Charleston, $87,500.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to Quicken Loans Inc. Lot, Cedar Grove District, $87,600.

Christopher E. and Penny L. Smith to AEP West Virginia Transmission Company Inc. Lot, Clendenin, $275,000.

Matthew D. and Ashley Blake, and Stephen M. Fowler to Michael T. and Ronda L. King. Lot, Charleston, $254,000.

James F. and Theresa Y. Hill to Pamela J. and Brian Clark. Lot, Loudon District, $85,000.

George A. and Carolyn L. Reese to OZ Fund Investments LLC. Lot, Charleston, $270,000.

Angela Harding to JDI Asset Management LLC. Lot, Union District, $84,000.

William J. Kimberling to Susan Y. Chapman. Lot, Charleston, $129,500.

Jack A. and Malissa A. Smith to William Joseph Kimberling. Lot, Charleston, $290,000.

Thomas M. and Lindsay D. Hancock to Joshua Clay Painter. Lot, Charleston, $235,000.

A&M Properties and Investments LLC to Jonathan Lee Haynes. Lot, St. Albans, $120,000.

Jason H. and Susan Seabolt Meador to Jacob Meador. Lot, Charleston, $96,000.

Clarence David Minger, Toni Lee Minger and Michael Thomas Minger to AEP West Virginia Transmission Company Inc. Lot, Big Sandy District, $120,000.

Mary Lou Varney to Jason Lee and Jennifer Ellen Morris. Lot, Union District, $228,000.

Nabila A. Haikal to Gregory Lee Wolfe. Lot, Charleston, $146,000.

Richard M. and Monica J. Hatfield to Mary Catherine and Jeremy D. Cumberledge. Lot, Loudon District, $400,000.

Jeremy T. Powers and Jennifer L. Letterman to David Scott Jarrett and Brittany Shawver. Lot, Washington District, $420,000.

William A. Kimble and Deborah E. Adkins to Noah Webb. Lot, Dunbar, $117,000.

Thomas C. and Marsha D. Griesbaum to Cody Steven Huddleston. Lot, Washington District, $325,000.

Therese Anne Holliday and Richard Charles Perhai to Patricia A. Rachels. Lot, Jefferson District, $90,000.

Eric B. Click to Dustin B. and Tiffany L. Hall. Lot, Union District, $162,500.

John E. Jarrett to AEP West Virginia Transmission Company Inc. Lot, Big Sandy District, $250,000.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between June 20 and 27, 2019:

Richard W. Persinger to Brian D. and Angela C. Allen. Lot, Buffalo, $200,000.

James M. Hill to David W. Wertz, William W. Wertz IV and Deborah S. Wertz. Lot, Teays Valley, 116,000.

Barry M. Myers to James M. and Brittany J. Hill. Lot, Curry, $216,000.

Bethany A. Petry to Ryder Bruce. Lot, Poca, $138,000.

Christina D. Keefer to Bruce K. and Lisa R. Medley. Lot, Scott District, $182,000.

Benjamin Scott and Gabrielle R. Sims to James S. and Tracy D. Booda. Lot, Teays Valley, $275,000.

George J. French II to Kathryn L. Posten. Lots, Poca, $400,000.

Jerry L. Trail to Kermit L. and Marilyn Roberts. Lot, Teays Valley, $123,000.

Beverly M. McGettigan to Anthony J. and Morag Janet Varlas. Lot, Teays Valley, $216,000.

Allie Holdings LLC to Emily Ann Moore. Lot, Hurricane, $172,000.

Cathy L. Nelson to Matthew Gerald and Sarah Elizabeth Malich. Lot, Scott District, $264,000.

Michael L. and Mimi M. Coleman to Ordie Stephen and Contessa Bledsoe. Lot, Scott District, $279,000.

John R. and Melissa A. Stewart to Matthew R. and Nadeau Moneypenny. Parcel, Scott District, $328,500.

Marc B. Lazenby, David R. Cable and Dana M. Cable to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. Lot, Union District, $78,615.05

Timothy M. and Minnie Lou Isaacs to Waitman Ray Kesling. Lot, Scott District, $125,000.

Nathan W. and Amy M. Samples to John M. and Rebecca B. Crutchley. Lot, Curry, $300,000.

Nanette Vansickle, Nanette Willard and Todd A. Willard to David H. Cooper and Steven Lee Cooper. Lot, Teays Valley, $125,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies we filed between June 21 and 27, 2019:

Jeremy Daniel and Bethany Faye Waybright, Summersville, Chapter 7. Assets: $142,752, Liabilities: $205,025.

David Gordon II and Carrie Frances Prechtl, Ravenswood, Chapter 7. Assets: $135,888, Liabilities: $134,077.

Charles Avery and Nancy Pearl Hensley, Delbarton. Assets: $73,800, Liabilities: $52,196.

Trevie Richard Oney Jr., Lake, Chapter 7. Assets: $51,401, Liabilities: $85,869.

Janet Lynne Armstead, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $50,000, Liabilities: $60,000.

Kimberly Annett and Donald Douglas Hudson, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $99,247, Liabilities: $115,866.

Betty Joe and John Thomas Lowery, Lizemores, Chapter 7. Assets: $65,380, Liabilities: $67,848.

Patricia Lee Manchin, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,170, Liabilities: $29,683.

Regina Gail Patterson, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $64,588, Liabilities: $145,209.

Michael Douglas and Debra Lynn Carroll, Madison, Chapter 7. Assets: $76,098, Liabilities: $97,060.

James Alexander and Sandra Elaine Lennox, Procious, Chapter 7. Assets: $406,012, Liabilities: $424,170.

Don Leonard Wilson, Cross Lanes, Chapter 7. Assets: $19,250, Liabilities: $67,966.

Jesse Franklin Kast, Ronceverte, Chapter 7. Assets: $39,808, Liabilities: $56,973.

Marga Paula Wheeler, Shady Spring. Chapter 7. Assets: $72,214, Liabilities: $70,534.

Rebecca Sue Thomas, Meadow Bridge, Chapter 7. Assets: $99,798, Liabilities: $175,001.

Elizabeth Bell Davis, Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,883, Liabilities: $23,904.

Clay Foods LLC, Clay, Chapter 11. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Jerry Calvin Rogers, Hines, Chapter 13. Assets: $121,030, Liabilities: $24,652.

Funerals for Saturday, September 14, 2019

Akers, Sandra - 1 p.m., Greater New Jerusalem Worship Center, Charleston.

Blankenship, Robert - 5 p.m., 458 22nd Street, Dunbar.

Brown, Edra - 3 p.m., McCullough Raiguel Funeral Home, Harrisville.

Brown, Misty - 11:30 a.m., Adams - Reed Funeral Home, Cowen.

Bumgarner, James - 2 p.m., Victory Freewill Baptist Church, Pecks Mill.

Fisher, Sue - 2 p.m., Cunningham - Parker - Johnson Funeral Home, Charleston.

Hager, Sherry - 11 a.m., Hopkins Fork Community Church, Seth.

Honaker, Larry - 11 a.m., Grandview Memorial Park, Dunbar.

Hughes, James - 3 p.m., Curry Funeral Home, Alum Creek.

Kee, Esten - 10 a.m., Elk Hills Memorial Park, Charleston.

Loveday, Homer - 1 p.m., Leonard Johnson Funeral Home, Marmet.

McCarthy, Melanie - 2 p.m., O'Dell Funeral Home, Montgomery.

Pyle, Joe - 11:30 a.m., Dodd & Reed Funeral Home, Webster Springs.

Smith, Ruby - 1 p.m., Keller Funeral Home, Dunbar.

Southall, David - 2 p.m., Edgewood Country Club, Charleston.

Stover, Harold - 1 p.m., Wilcoxen Funeral Home, Point Pleasant.

Tabor, Brenda - 11 a.m., McGhee-Handley Funeral Home, West Hamlin.

White, Orah - 2 p.m., Bollinger Funeral Home, Charleston.

Wright, James - 1 p.m., Popular Ridge Church, Sutton.