On file: Nov. 10, 2019


The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2019:

Scott Alexander Risden, 32, of Charleston, and Lauren Michelle Gates, 28, of Bridgeport.

Kerry Wayne Carlson III, 33, and Heather Dawn Adkins, 40, both of St. Albans.

Duane Ellis Flesher, 72, and Mary Ann Jenkins, 63, both of Charleston.

Christian Carlson Hale, 28, and Miranda Corrine Davis, 26, both of Hurricane.

Robert Blain Flake, 41, and Tracy Yvonne Jividen, 38, both of Charleston.

Bryan Douglas Albers, 31, and Lauran Rae Midkiff, 30, both of Charleston.

Justin Dewight Wilson, 29, and Kristen Brianna Donnally, 26, both of Charleston.

Mark Anthony Cantrell, 43, and Jennifer Kristy Lawrence, 44, both of South Charleston.

Matthew Brian McCown, 41, and Tracey Megan Hill, 31, both of St. Albans.

James Carl Hall, 75, and Retha Rebecca Brown, 75, both of Charleston.

Jerry Wayne King, 32, and Tonya Lynn Cobb, 31, both of St. Albans.

Stephen Michael Kelly, 30, and Courtney Nicole Elswick, 30, both of Charleston.

Timothy Allen Clemons, 55, and Kelli Jo Barton, 51, both of South Charleston.

Eric Paul Gagnon, 27, and Mary Noel Branham, 23, both of St. Albans.

Ricky Kendray Wilson, 44, and Taya Lannette Dogan, 37, of St. Albans.

Kelly Keith Keller, 48, and Nancy Elizabeth Summers, 44, both of Cross Lanes.

David Allen Harrison, 57, and Mary Elizabeth Casto, 39, both of Charleston.

Andrew Paul Walker, 31, of Charleston, and Hannah Christine Hunt, 24, of Scott Depot.

Andrew Jason Petitt, 42, of Summers, and Chasity Lynn Mullins, 43, of Cross Lanes.

Joshua Jonathon Davis, 28, of Dunbar, and Ciara Tennille Campbell, 23, of St. Albans.

Eric Maurice Climes, 57, and Valerie Machelle Ponder, 51, both of Charleston.

William Phillip Tinsley Jr., 24, and Amanda Jayne Smith, 27, both of Charleston.

Matthew Elliott Minotti, 35, and Simona Enciu, 38, both of St. Albans.

David Alan Price, 46, and Richard Marshall Tench, 35, both of Charleston.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2019:

Katlyn Marie Wulzer, 28, of Hurricane, and Devin Skyler Toomey, 21, of Milton.

Ricky Wayne Bird, 65, and Debra Lynne Handley, 57, both of Hurricane.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2019:

Gregory Kurt Bell from Alesha D. Bell

Joseph Delafuentes from Samantha Delafuentes

Eric Williams from Kristen Williams.

Kathleen Desiree Fowler from Mark Clayton Fowler

Letisha Bika Loew from Steven Ian Loew

Joshua Jane Kidder from Grantville L. Kidder

Megan L. Burns from Thomas R. Burns Jr.

William Eric Adkins from Melissa Ann Adkins

Chelsea Montana Goodson from Jeffrey Scott Goodson.

Danny Robert Anderson from Misty Dawn Anderson

Christy Dawn Woody from Christopher Eric Woody

Ted Jeffrey Whitmore from Amy Dawn Whitmore

Zachary Burkhammer from Jessica Burkhammer

Danny J. Gillispie from Deborah Mae Gillispie

Stephanie Ann Houghtaling from Daryl Lee Houghtaling

Patti Jo Wilson from Claude Ray Wilson

Paul Earl McCormick from Darlene Nichole McCormick

Anieka Devon Gerwig from Christopher Aaron Gerwig

Crystal Dotson from Mander J. Dotson

The Putnam County divorces were unavailable between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2019:

Hersey Tage “Bud” Sweet III to Bailee Danielle Lane. Lot, Dunbar, $91,000.

Patrick T. and Melissa D. Kelly to Arthur and Crystal Mullins. Lot, Washington District, $190,000.

Andrew Winkler and Ashton Michelle Holbrook to Jonathan R. Drozdowski. Lot, South Charleston, $222,000.

Mark W. and Sharon S. Halstead to Juanita and Christopher Vendura. Lot, Elk District, $180,000.

Dorothy Denise Wilson to Miguel Aguirre. Lot, Nitro, $80,000.

Robert L. Brown to Susan Leigh Hottle. Lots, South Charleston, $400,000.

J. Victorino Jr. and P. Amelina A. Teleron to Janet M. Amores and Robert J. Parsons. Lot, Loudon District, $445,000.

John M. and Carol A. Christenson to Rachel D. Fredeking. Lot, Charleston, $180,000.

Carol J. Huffman to Jason G. Barnes. Lot, Union District, $169,500.

Alanna J Keller to George O. Chilton II. Lot, Loudon District, $250,000.

Melissa Surbaugh to Tyler Jeffries, Mary Jeffries and Theodore Jeffries. Lot, Elk District, $90,000.

Patricia R. Petry to Gary Wayne and Brenda Sue Clinger. Lot, Malden District, $154,900.

Sarah Simpson Plantz to Timothy M. Henry and Natalie C. Rose. Lot, South Charleston, $130,000.

Mark Stephen and Jessica Benson to Robert E. Jr. and Jonnie L. Skinner. Lot, Jefferson District, $227,500.

Ronald D. Lwson to Brian J. Hudson and Alexandra C. Campbell. Lot, Union District, $174,900.

Lisa Marie Lopez, Jennifer Susan Lopez, Steven Neighbors, Kaitlin Marie Neighbors and Leslie Asbury to Charmaine A. Wilson. Lot, Charleston, $256,264.

Barbara Kesler to Nathan J. Moul. Lot, Union District, $76,000.

William H. Spencer Jr. to William H. Spencer III. Lot, Nitro District, $82,500.

Steven J. Morrison to Beau A. Gilmore. Lot, Charleston $98,000.

Sally H. Swisher to Daniel F. Hedges. Lot, Charleston, $141,500.

David R. Bungard to Putnam Property Management LLC. Lot, Union District, $81,000.

Alice A. and Ralph E. Blackwell to Debra and Jason A. Rusnak. Lot, Elk District, $85,000.

River Valley Construction LLC to Brandon L. and Marc Allison. Lot, Nitro, $140,000.

Peggy L. Smith to Larry A. Sheets. Lots, Jefferson District, $118,000.

John D. Little to Jason Moody. Lots, Charleston, $149,500.

Sue B. Shanklin to John E. Peck. Lot, Charleston, $129,000.

Clarence H. Huckaby Jr. to Bridget R. Osburn and Justin K. Lavender. Lots, Loudon District, $103,000.

Briana Warner and Justin Lee Williams to Kaitlin Dingess and Justin Ashley Law II. Lot, Charleston, $142,000.

Terry L. and Donnie J. Sparks to Sylvia Mae Smith, Dana E. Lynch and Tamaria E. Lynch. Lot, St. Albans, $211,365.

David J. and Cynthia M. Patton to S&J Property Management LLC. Lot, Charleston, $120,000.

Robert M. Light to Rio D. Berkley and Lea Ann N. Wilkerson. Lot, Union District, $149,900.

Gregory Lee Means, Jerri Annette Means Buck and Blaine Williams Means to Florence K. Scarberry and Tina L. Bare. Lots, Nitro, $99,000.

Whirlwind Homes LLC to Austin Liddle. Lot, St. Albans, $145,000.

Donald E. and Gloria T. Austin to Ryan Fulmer. Lot, Union District, $238,000.

Kent P. Woodruff to Lee M. II and Blair P. Lewis. Lot Charleston, $405,000.

Michael W. Lacy to Kenneth E. Newhouse and KN1375 LLC. Lot, Elk District, $200,000.

Charles M. and Wasana Cochran to Justin L. Belcher. Lot, Malden District, $127,500.

Larry E. and Linda B. Field to Wythe S. and Teresa Perrine. Lot, Jefferson District, $95,000.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between Oct. 31 and Nov. 7, 2019:

Carolyn D. and Steven P. Hart to William D. Bryan. Lot, Winfield, $92,000.

Trevor L. and Heather M. Miller to Jason Glen and Tuesday Janelle Gandee. Lot, Scott District, $272,300.

Allen A. Howard to Jason P. and Nancy J. Staats. Lot, Teays Valley, $264,000.

Richard L. Graley Sr. and Ruth Vesta Davis to Kyle Catlin and Hazel Smith. Lots, Scott District, $81,000.

Cynthia Lee Hechesky, Mary Lynn Stover, Kenneth Rogers Coiner Jr. and Bruce Allen Rogers to Global Sign Acquisitions IV LLC. Lot, Hurricane, $265,000.

David Allen and Deborah Anne Morris and Reva F. Findley to Bethne Rader. Lot, Scott District, $164,900.

Vincent Cavanaugh to Kevin M. White. Lot, Hurricane, $145,000.

Jonathan and Lisa A. Chaffin to Patricia K. and James L. Babbitt. Lot, Teays Valley, $240,000.

Marcia C. Smith, Clara M. Clay, Vonda June Bolyard, Norma Cooper, Vonda June Bolyard Testamentary Trust to Jerry L. Fry III. Lot, Hurricane, $125,000.

Travis D. and Samantha J. Coleman to John D. and Tonya M. Reed. Lot, Union District, $151,900.

Janet L. Hill, Michael Joalan Erwin, Terry Lynn Erwin, Lisa Samples and John Samples II to Brandon Edward Drake. Lots, Scott District, $140,000.

Tamila Mays Williams to Drue A. Smith. Lot, Teays Valley, $390,000.

John J. and Jodie M. Trimble to David P. and Heather L. Eldridge. Lot, Scott District, $259,900.

Edna P. Ely to James E. and Lisa L. Davidson. Lot, Teays Valley, $140,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Oct. 31 and Nov 7:

Kristine Nichole Tucker, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $137,783, Liabilities: $151,904.

Michael Sean and Cathy Jo Lawrence, Given, Chapter 7. Assets: $178,383, Liabilities: $301,959.

Kristofer Leslie James and Chelsea Elizabeth Ball, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $157,330, Liabilities: $164,060.

Michael Glenn Hatfield, Branchland, Chapter 7. Assets: $120,481, Liabilities: $143,233.

Laura Jean Burford, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $203,933, Liabilities: $262,612.

George Edward Walker, Sumerco, Chapter 7. Assets: $98,832, Liabilities: $230,169.

Cynthia Antoinette Hayes, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $9,055, Liabilities: $54,066.

Sandra Jean Hapney, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,262, Liabilities: $14,321.

Phillip Earl and Dawn Marie Baisden, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $210,836, Liabilities: $331,776.

Timothy Lee and Carrie Elaine Harper, Cannelton, Chapter 7. Assets: $51,381, Liabilities: $106,249.

Karen Sue Adkins, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,201, Liabilities: $48,230.

Michael Ray Spaulding, Lyburn, Chapter 7. Assets: $67,778, Liabilities: $171,554.

Kenneth Wayne and Rita Dawn McCoy, Delbarton, Chapter 7. Assets: $137,000, Liabilities: $213,470.

Shirley Mae Sizemore, Oceana, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,173, Liabilities: $33,597.

Jeremy Charles Bragg, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $796, Liabilities: $62,149.

Justin Kevin McGraw, Shady Spring, Chapter 7. Assets: $189,602, Liabilities: $179,835.

Charles Edwin Hawks II, Bob White, Chapter 13. Assets: $178,368, Liabilities: $304,193.

John Michael Saar, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $161,700, Liabilities: $161,056.

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