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The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5, 2019:

Todd Robert Jones, 50, of Ripley and Amy Jo Sowards, 42, of St. Albans.

Baldemar Gallegos Alfaro, 46, of Hurricane and Sonia Justine Larrabee, 46, of Charleston.

Everett Hunter Jr., 30, and Joetta Elaine Pharr, 28, both of Charleston.

Gregory Allen Day Jr., 23, of Poca and Kaley Jordan Booth, 21, of St. Albans.

Ryan Alexander Ganzert, 27, of Charleston and Jessica Dawn Buckner, 35, of Elkview.

Kenneth Ray Davis II, 38, of Charleston and Erika Kim Elkin, 36, of Scott Depot.

Arthur William Pitsonbarger Jr., 47, and Susan Rae Pulliam, 44, both of Charleston.

John William Asbury, 55, of Sissonville and Bonnie Leigh Asbury, 51, of Lebanon, Virginia.

Craig Evan Broman, 32, and Lindsay Anne Skaff, 31, both of Charleston.

Justin Keith Moore, 29, and Rae Meredith Roberts, 30, both of Tornado.

Cody Lee Diaz, 27, and Sarah Ann Batten, 26, both of Charleston.

Paul Tennyson Perry, 68, of Ashford and Rose Ann Fisher, 64, of Charleston.

Franklin Lloyd Turley, 40, and Marlena Irene Thornton, 41, both of Cross Lanes.

Philip Eugene Legg, 72, of Oak Hill and Alicia Willette Cantley, 67, of Dry Branch.

Cledith Lee Falls, 64, and Delores Gaye Daniels, 59, both of Clendenin.

Christopher Alan Nicholas, 36, of Charleston and Chasity Nicole Moore 25, of South Charleston.

George Douglas Hill, 45, of Seth and Laura June Sullivan, 47, of Hugheston.

Richard Lee Bowling, 60, and Connie Ellen Paxton, 61, both of St. Albans.

Houssem Ben Khalifa, 24, and Christina Renee Bradsher, 46, both of St. Albans.

Edward Wayne Wentz, 50, and Jordan Fransis Dowell, 27, both of St. Albans.

Timothy Scott Thompson, 45, and Madisabeth Conner, 47, both of South Charleston.

Cody Ray Morris, 24, of South Charleston and Bethany Lynn Davis, 22, of Charleston.

Christopher Lee Sanson, 27, of Nitro and Megan Brooke Patton, 27, of Poca.

Joshua Oliver Branham, 40, and Hannah Faith Kelley, 23 both of South Charleston.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Aug. 28 and Sept. 5, 2019:

Christopher Kyle Blankenship, 24, of Winfield and Sara Catherine Norman, 25, of St. Albans.

Thomas Joseph Chester, 51, of Newark, Ohio and Stephanie Jane Edwards, 59 of Hurricane.

Tyler Eugene Lattea, 19, and Meadow Rae Williams, 18, both of Scott Depot.

Luke Allen Short, 23, of Davenport, Iowa, and Scarlett Victoria Scarberry, 21, of Milton.

Earl Franklin Sowards, 76, of Culloden and Carolyn Lee Workman, 73, of Hurricane.

David Michael Stemple, 44, and Tiffany Ellen Ward, 25, both of Hurricane.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5, 2019:

April Dawn Adkins from Joseph Allen Adkins II.

Greta Nicole Carpenter from George Eric Carpenter.

Robin Michelle Kirk from John Robert Kirk.

David Dewayne Hayes from Tessa Ann Hayes.

Lisa Ann Eplin from Vincent Lee Eplin.

Donald Mason Ferrell from Sandra Kay Ferrell.

Emerald Lea McCallister from Michael Lee McCallister.

Stacie Lynn Amos-Just from Phillip Robert Wayne Just Sr.

Stephanie Ann Smith from Christopher Donald Smith Sr.

Tara Mae Slater from Anthony Justin Slater.

Edna Marie King from James Michael King.

Chrysta Nashea Dawn Wiseman from Richard Shane Wiseman.

Diana Ranee Atkinson from Keith Allen Atkinson.

Valerie Denise Lavigne from Ian R. Lavigne.

Courtney Michele Bailey from Juston Lee Bailey.

Divorces for Putnam County were not available at press time.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5, 2019:

Daniel M. Settle, et al, to Brandon Michael Gordon. Lot, Jefferson District, $88,000.

Charles W. and Phyllis C. Holmes to Joshua N. and Caitlyn Meadows. Lots, Elk District, $215,000.

Danielle E. McGinnis Douglas to Joyce L. Nunley. Lot, Nitro, $113,500.

Faith Cooper to Sarah Clere and Michael Gillenwater. Lot, Union District, $172,500.

Curtis Ervin Brown to Limber Munoz. Lot, Malden District, $98,000.

Arpit Bhargava and Sujoyeeta Majumdar to Elizabeth Graves. Lot, Charleston, $355,000.

Anta M. Guerrero to Donald J. and Lacinda H. Biram. Lot, Poca District, $179,000.

Michael A. Ferrari to Angel Withrow. Lot, Nitro, $166,000.

Steven F. and Janice M. Pauley to Danielle N. Frazier. Lot, Elk District, $80,000.

Timothy Brett and Cassie Gayle Rector to Tyler A. and Suzanne E. Dawson. Lot, Pinch, $169,000.

Teresa Williams to Gregory Elam. Lot, Union District, $190,000.

Carl S. II and Rebecca J. Coffman to Robert M. and Patricia D. Lovejoy. Lot, Union District, $425,000.

Thomas R. Jividen, et al, to Rock Holdings LLC. Lot, Dunbar, $85,000.

Franklin A. Pierson Sr. to Forum Investments WV LLC. Lots, St. Albans, $78,400.

Andrew Douglas Lambert, Sandra Breedlove and Janie L. Hutchinson to Jonathan James Cline. Lots, Dunbar, $80,000.

Richard A. and Linda J. Riffee to Tyler P. Fisher and Hannah L. Willard. Lot, Union District, $154,000.

AB Contracting Inc. to Sierra Cheyenne Hess. Lot, Elk District, $262,000.

Sally S. Hazard to Mitchell Rhein and Sarah Kowalkowski. Lot, Charleston, $301,000.

Caleb Hill to BrieAnna M. Workman. Lot, Charleston, $98,642.

Matthew S. and Shannon L. Milroy to Paul Steven and Nadezhda Alexsandrovna Van Dyk. Lot, Charleston, $350,000.

Edward Adam Skulski Jr. to Freedom Valley Assets LLC. Lot, Dunbar, $75,000.

Lee E. and Asley I. Orr to Terry A. Fletcher Jr. and Cassandra M. Steffey. Lot, Charleston, $137,000.

James Petry to Pamela Sue and Michael D. Hall, and MacKenzie E. Hall. Lot, South Charleston, $100,000.

Lisa A. Hanshaw to Mark Allen and Jeanette S. Holsinger. Lot, Elk District, $185,000.

Craig A. Booth to Timothy H. Larch and Carrie Wines. Lot, Union District, $148,500.

Joby and Bridget Joseph to Whirlwind Homes LLC. Lot, Loudon District, $85,000.

Renay S. Yerrid to Nancy L. Stonestreet. Lot, Charleston, $220,000.

Vinodrai Lakhani to Martin Bowling and Mandi Felty. Lot, Union District, $253,000.

Rory Lee Perry II and Renee Margocee to Timothy J. and Leah R. Green. Lot, Charleston, $145,000.

James R. Jr. and Stacy R. Bush to Woodrow B. and Emily L. White. Lot, Loudon District, $205,000.

Frank W. Jr. and Lorraine Grace Naab to David Alan and April Dawn Bradshaw. Lots, Poca District, $150,000.

Emily Frantz Rachel and Kevin McKinney to Natalie S.M. Larson. Lot, St. Albans, $82,000.

Berneda K. Ghareeb to Laura F. Humphreys. Lot, Dunbar, $129,000.

Laurence K. and Nancy L. Armstrong to Christopher Kallas. Lot, Jefferson District, $210,000.

Alexis McConihay to Brett Payne and Brittany Spence. Lot, St. Albans, $131,150.

Ross A. Dionne to Jordan Andrew Cox. Lot, Charleston, $185,600.

Christopher A. and Christina A. Smith to Carrie C. Shattuck. Lot, Elk District, $235,000.

Motivated LLC to Samuel W. Evans and Alexa C. Amburgey. Lots, Jefferson District, $198,000.

William P. Burdette, et al, to Jennifer K. Pryne. Lot, St. Albans, $170,000.

Penny L. Rutherford to Faith Fellowship. Lot, Union District, $90,000.

Sidney H. and Katherine P. Gillis to John D. Hoblitzell III and Emily S. Hopta. Lot, Charleston, $260,000.

Glen and Carolyn Blankenship to Gregory Leon and Freda J. Hudson. Lot, Nitro, $115,000.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between Aug. 28 and Sept. 5, 2019:

WV Trustee Services LLC and Irene H. Cook to Finance of America Reverse LLC. Lot, Scott District, $178,900.

Leonard E. Papa II to Charles A. Sadler, Margie M. Sadler and Amy Rebekah Morris Sadler, Lot, Scott District, $249,000.

Sarah A. Cline to Alec R. Bailey. Lot, Teays Valley, $122,000.

Christopher James and Sarah Ann Misner to Heather Dornsife. Lot, Scott District, $197,000.

Sam Yueh and Nancy Tsai Fu to John B. Mowery Jr. Lot, Teays Valley, $296,550.

Michael E. and Charlotte C. Simpson to Sheila J. Mooney. Lot, Scott District, $225,500.

Fred D. and Donna J. Price to Matthew R. and Courtney L. White. Lot, Teays Valley, $330,000.

Danny M. Graham to Ralph Wayne and Cheryl A. Lively. Lot, Curry District, $212,500.

Joshua Tyrone Woods to Sabrina R. Walker. Lot, Curry District, $154,000.

George P. Smith Jr. to Ronald W. and Janice Fisher. Lot, Teays Valley, $250,000.

Nathan L. Smith to Hanna E. and James Kyle Parrish. Lot, Scott District, $166,000.

Jerry P. II and Hillary N. Thompson to Ryan and Alyssa Gregory. Lot, Curry District, $142,000.

Ronald A. and Barbara Ann Wing to Bobby D. and Anna J. Boggess. Lot, Teays Valley, $390,000.

Ellison Cooper Properties LLC to Pritt Properties. Lot, Poca, $152,500.

Robert Thomas Dunbar to Wendi M. Adams. Lot, Teays Valley, $275,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies we filed between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5, 2019:

Clayton Douglas Jr. and Julia Ann Marcum, North Matewan, Chapter 7. Assets: $33,555, Liabilities: $48,687.

Linda Faye Blevins, Chauncey, Chapter 7. Assets: $194,981, Liabilities: $236,978.

Megan Nichole Taylor, Cabin Creek, Chapter 7. Assets: $59,540, Liabilities: $471,233.

Tammara Williams-Henry, Mount Hope, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,403, Liabilities: $56,818.

Jenni Homan Fenton, Fayetteville, Chapter 7. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $301,848.

Brandius Nicole Tanner, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $190,124, Liabilities: $215,187.

Bradley Davis, Williamson, Chapter 7. Assets: $17,094, Liabilities: $39,335.

David Mathias and Renita Jo Rhodes, Sandyville, Chapter 7. Assets: $43,277, Liabilities: $32,785.

Amanda Ford and James Carroll Buckalew Jr., Cross Lanes, Chapter 7. Assets: $467,682, Liabilities: $301,286.

Robert Dean Reynolds, Branchland, Chapter 7. Assets: $151,500, Liabilities: $21,492.

Joyce Anne Hibdon, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $126,314, Liabilities: $163,644.

Toney Lee and Stacy Dawn Spencer, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $142,321, Liabilities: $184,802.

Dawana Jean Clemens, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $72,340, Liabilities: $384,121.

David Scott Cole, Odd, Chapter 7. Assets: $203,500, Liabilities: $213,892.

Steven Leslie and Amy Lynn Stone, Sophia, Chapter 13. Assets: $36,338, Liabilities: $109,351.