On File: Sept. 22, 2019


The following people filed for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Sept. 12 and 19, 2019:

Michael David Hudnall, 27, and Brittany Renee Romeo, 27, both of Charleston.

Ryan Salem Boustany, 35, and Kristen Noell Parks, 33, both of Charleston.

James Glenn Hopkins, 47, and Sara Frances Watson, 50, both of Cross Lanes.

Tyler James DeBord, 23, and Cassidy Shea Holstein, 22, both of South Charleston.

Travis Aaron McGhee, 21, and Rachel Ann Blankenship, 21, both of St. Albans.

Gregory Brent Copen Jr., 37, and Belinda Kay Midkiff, 30, both of Clendenin.

Tanner Joseph Aliff, 23, and Kelsey Nichole Smith, 24, both of St. Albans.

Bryce Richard Staton, 23, of Mullens, and Jo Beth Jarrett, 23, of Whitesville.

Kaleb Zane Hines, 24, and Danielle Nicole Parliament, 24, both of St. Albans.

Joseph Terry Womack Jr., 50, and Christa Marie Kight, 31, both of Dunbar.

Richard Logan Armstrong, 24, and Sophia Taylor Ball, 25, both of Nitro.

Jerome Franklin Lanham 31, of Cabin Creek, and Kimberly Luann Mullins, 25, of Winifrede.

James Alan Blackhurst, 37, and Kitty Jo Crowder, 39, both of Belle.

Geoffrey Arthur Taylor, 49, and Tonya Joy Edens, 44, both of Dunbar.

Gary Wayne Isner Jr., 45, and Tiffany Nicole Haskett, 37 both of London.

Samuel Lane Seymour, 26, and Brianna Lee Wood, 27, both of St. Albans.

Christopher Ray Hesse 41, and Monica Renay Smith, 35, both of St. Albans.

Matthew Dylan Burdette, 31, and Alysia Nicole Hudnall, 27, both of Amma.

Darrel Chadd Gartin, 28, and Erica Denise Browning, 26 both of South Charleston.

Marshall Lloyd Klay, 36, and Taylor Skot Brammer, 31, both of Cross Lanes.

Nicholas Charles Allen, 24, and Jessica Rae Black, 24, both of Belle.

Matthew Wade Searls, 25, and Katelyn Michelle Pullen, 24, both of Alkol.

Johnathon Lee Tower, 31, and Cheyenne Renae Massey, 20, both of Charleston.

Brandon Charles Koontz, 32, and Amanda Sue Anderson, 30, both of Elkview.

Eric Wesley Toney, 26, and Dominique Ann Gachassin 28, both of Charleston.

Johnathan Barrett Kingry, 39, and Shanna Marie White, 39, both of Dunbar.

Jason Eric Randolph, 45, and Sarah Beth Blankenship, 40, both of Cross Lanes.

Zachary John Daniel Houtz, 27, and Maggie Rae Parsons, 18, both of Charleston.

Christina Lea McLaughlin, 42, and Arianna Elizabeth Stepp, 21, both of Cowen.

Robert Wayne Sullivan, 71, and Tina Sue Shannon, 55, both of Charleston.

Steven James Johnston, 34, and Stephanie Michelle Stacy, 30, both of Nitro.

Dakotah Jaymes Lynch, 22, of Dry Branch and Summer Dawn Peaytt, 24, of Naoma.

Ian Bryce Simms, 21, and Titania Thanh Truc Ly, 20, both of South Charleston.

Michael Lee Hannah, 34, and Amber Gail Springston, 31, both of Elmira.

Chris Allen Adkins, 51, and Julian Kadia Mitchell, 38, both of Poca.

David Ian Webster, 28, and Amy Celeste Haddix, 26, both of St. Albans.

Nicholas Ray Carver, 27, and Kayla Marie Milam, 29, both of East Bank.

Grant Kenton Todd, 36, and Tiffany Lynn Fridley, 34, both of Charleston.

Jeffrey Len Derrick, 48, of Sissonville, and Angela Faye Haynes, 46, of Charleston.

Michael Alan Barker, 34, and Sherry Lee Harper 42, both of South Charleston.

Dustin Wayne Stover, 27, and Monica Jidon Pegram, 27, both of Dunbar.

Adam Cochrane Boland, 28, and Juleigh Sylvia Joanne McDonald, 27, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Coltyn Babers, 23, and Jessica Marie Siders, 24, both of Sissonville.

Shawn Daniel Stidham, 31, of Nitro and Brook Ashleigh Chapman, 25, of Charleston.

Ken Andrew Lanham, 32, of Charleston, and Victoria Colleen Crabill, 19, of St. Albans.

The following people filed for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Sept. 12 and 19, 2019:

Joshua Edward Morgan, 28, and Lakin Elizabeth Keeney, 25, both of Frazier’s Bottom.

Jamie Scott Rutherford, 41, of Ona, and Ronda Lyn Sergent, 41, of Hurricane.

Dakota Zachary Newman, 31, and Taylor Dawn Lilly, 24, both of Hurricane.

Johnny Wayne Lovejoy , 50, and Lisa Gail Burke, 54, both of Winfield.

Joshua Michael Knox, 38, and Brittany Elizabeth Miller, 34, both of Nitro.

James Arthur Mullins, 68, and Teresa Lynn Yutzy, 58, both of Hurricane.

Chad Austin Bird, 30, and Carrie Louise Easter, 24, both of Hurricane.

Jason Edward Litton, 42, and Marie Nichole Thornton, 34, both of Hurricane.

Sean Allen Barnett, 46, and Angela Dawn Reedy, 46, both of Hurricane.

Herman Wesley Barrett, 24, and Crystal Lynn Young, 26, both of Winfield.

Brandon Lee Rinehart, 30, and Brittany Nicole Williams, 28, both of Hurricane.

Joshua Matthew Stepp, 35, and Ashley Ann Wilson, 26, both of Scott Depot.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Sept. 12 and 19, 2019:

James Edwin Potts-McCormick from Benjamin Ray Potts-McCormick.

Kathia Martinez from Gary Allen Miller.

Michael James Delisi from Shannon Elizabeth Delisi.

Jim Eddie Cochran II from Misti Dawn Cochran.

Wendi Gail Stevens from Glenn Junior Stevens.

Wynter Renee Winnell from Christopher Chad Winnell.

Ricky Dale Igo from Darlene Elizabeth Igo.

Jeremy Chad Haynes from Emily Ferrari Haynes.

Emily Anne Wells from Joshua Todd Wells.

Brook Ann Goodall from Logan Alexander Goodall.

The Putnam County divorces were not available by press time.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $75,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Sept. 12 and 19, 2019:

Jefferson B. and Andrea B. Hightower to Ashley N. Adkins. Lot, South Charleston, $83,500.

Shawn W. and Jean M. Storm to Tiffany Lasky and Eric Olle. Lot, Charleston, $444,000.

Kathleen Cacchione to Melody R. Wilkinson. Lot, St. Albans, $85,100.

David F. and Becky M. Griffith to Alice Hudson. Lot, Charleston, $159,900.

Emswiler Properties LLC to Lett Property Investments LLC. Lot, Charleston, $175,000.

David K. and Donna R. Miller to Emisha Reed and Carolyn Glover. Lots, Charleston, $150,000.

Roland G. and Patricia M. Eagle to Dawn Raynor-Sears. Lot, Charleston, $145,000.

Eric D. King to Michael and Sarah B. Wolfe. Lot, Charleston, $175,000.

Elizabeth D. Nelson to Robert C. II and Carol L. Bane. Lots, Charleston, $365,000.

Evan L. Powell to Kelly M. Young. Lot, Jefferson District, $129,900.

Shirley H. Jr. and Laura J. Surface to Gary S. and Alicia L. Chandler. Lots, Elk District, $82,000.

John R. Robson, George H. Robson Jr. and Sarah R. Nichols to George Saville. Lot, Charleston, $243,000.

Derek A. Bailey to Gregory A. Day Jr. Lot, St. Albans, $99,000.

Frances F. Warsing to James Q. and Paula A. Hull. Condominium, Charleston, $195,000.

Charles S. and Emmy L. Elmore to Hava Hemp Farms LLC. Lot, Elkview, $90,000.

Walton S. Shepherd III to HHCBC LLC. Lot, Charleston, $88,000.

AM Investments LLC to University of Charleston Inc. Lot, Charleston, $145,000.

Johnny R. and Candace M. Fulks to Derrick P. and Marleen D. Brennan. Lots, Dunbar, $152,500.

Jessica and Benjamin Shannon to Thomas A. Steele and Carol S. Bruce. Lot, Elk District, $169,000.

Michael Anthony Waggoner and Trevor Joseph Nelson to Jared A. and Carly J. Proctor. Lot, Elk District, $171,000.

Leon E. and Phyllis V. Pilewski to Phylicia Vaughan Pilewski. Condominium, Charleston, $92,000.

Carolyn Sue Boyles to Marinda R. Lanham and Justin N. Teter. Lot, Charleston, $127,000.

AM Investments LLC to Bryce R. Staton and Jo B. Jarrett. Lot, Loudon District, $189,000.

Stephen H. Ellis, Tonya J. Vest, Connie J. Maggie and Kelly L. Richardson to Kenneth J. and Dena K. Butler. Lot, Elk District, $174,500.

James E. and Louise Petry to Cody S. Bailey. Lot, Union District, $130,000.

Paul Ray and Sherry Morton to Tyler and Christina R. Evans. Lot, Union District, $145,000.

Michael I. Isble and Gary O. Hall to Michael Ray Hill. Lot, Union District, $230,000.

Daniel McNickol to Kenan and Hacer Neslihan Hatipoglu. Lot, South Charleston Disrict, $275,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to AM Investments LLC. Lot, St. Albans, $108,771.

Franklin P. Jr. and Kelsey L. Juarez to James Ethan and Lauren J. Kirk. Lot, Dunbar, $130,500.

Terra Abstract Trustee West Virginia Inc. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. Lot, Charleston, $125,199.76.

Terra Abstract Trustee West Virginia Inc. Trustee to NewRez LLC. Lot, Pratt, $82,800.

Johnnie L. and Debora L. Price to Jason and Tabitha Pickens. Lots, Malden District, $200,000.

Kellan F. and Adrienne G. Clark to Rachel Dash. Lot, Charleston, $248,000.

Arthur J. Jr. and Linda L. Byrd to James T. Branham Jr., Paula S. Branham and Emory A. Smith. Lot, Jefferson District, $88,473.

Julian J. Chippett to Amber E. and Brandon M. Stepp. Lot, Charleston, $129,000.

Tung Luu and Vinh Au T. Nguyen to Christopher J. Balladares, Elizabeth A. Balladares and David L. O’Kelly. Lot, South Charleston, $110,500.

Christopher O. and Regina M. Hines to Jia Yin Xie and Xue Chai Lin. Lot, Union District, $210,000.

Polly John Properties LLC to Benjamin Frederick Hill III. Lots South Charleston, $165,000.

Marykay Damus and Brenda L. Damus to Rebecca Klassen and June C. Klassen. Lot, Elk District, $195,000.

Thomas A. Jr. and Emily D. Davis to Robert S. Long. Lots, Loudon District, $275,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. and Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association. Lots, Union District, $177,000.

Betty J. Adkins to Vinh Au T. Nguyen and Tung Nguyen Luu. Lot, Loudon District, $228,000.

Sharlene Allen to Elizabeth G. Legette. Lots, St. Albans, $110,500.

Robert L. and Twanna L. Burnworth to Evan L. Powell. Lot, Union District, $172,000.

Steven T. and Tina Marie Morrison to Caleb A. Miller. Lot, Spring Hill District, $245,500.

Myles Edward Smith and Sharon Deltedesco to Danelle M. Crockett. Lot, St. Albans, $114,085.

The following property transfers worth $75,000 or more were recorded Putnam County between Sept. 12 and 19, 2019:

Charles G. Mathews to Steven R. and Christina R. Nelson. Lot, Scott District, $217,000.

Michael and Melissa Ramsey to Marc C. and Brittany K. Black. Lot, Hurricane, $365,000.

Jack E. and Paulette Elam to Jessica M. and Jerry W. Baisden II. Lot, Teays Valley, $292,500.

Virgil F. and Carolyn S. Rice to Aaron J. and Emily R. Bowles. Lot, Scott District, $215,900.

Timothy Scott and Silvia Gabriela Wylie to Drew R. and Hana L. Kesler. Lot, Scott District, $536,000.

Robbie D. and Lori A. Briscoe to Patrick and Amanda Fernandez. Lot, Scott District, $190,000.

Thomas S. Sowers to Matthew and Monica L. Vance. Lot, Poca, $128,000.

Larry E. and Mona L. Wandling to William R. and Tammy N. Barthelmess. Lot, Scott District, $209,900.

Nancy N. and Michael Douglas Parsons to William J. and Joyce J. Henson. Lot, Scott District, $229,900.

Shanna L. and Scott A. Wintz to Autumn McCallister. Lot, Curry District, $152,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette-Mail’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Sept. 12 and 19:

Kelsey Teighlor Larck, Yawkey, Chapter 7. Assets: $12,444, Liabilities: $38,449.

Troy Randall Burford, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $239,012, Liabilities: $231,242.

Pamela Kay Carpenter, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Emil Allen Clark, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $50,442, Liabilities: $61,289.

Edward Joseph and Sue Ann Banonis, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $19,841, Liabilities: $43,096.

Kristi Gayle Bragg, Amherstdale, Chapter 7. Assets: $19,477, Liabilities: $35,212.

Alan Kelso Vance, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $385,300, Liabilities: $582,510.

Sally Ann Carpenter, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $189,520, Liabilities: $51,712.

Jeffery Floyd Addison, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $395,840, Liabilities: $1,020,429.

Patricia Lea Amey, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $79,537, Liabilities: $152,205.

Adam Joseph Sloane, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $13,215, Liabilities: $230,784.

Samuel Lee O’Brien Jr., Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $249,841, Liabilities: $304,824.

Kevin Charles and Caitlin Rashell Pettry, Glen Daniel, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,357, Liabilities: $116,206.

Ryan Edward Alexander, White Sulphur Springs, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,500, Liabilities: $26,685.

Duane Alan and Kris Heidenreich Mills, South Charleston. Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Marci Delores and Jonathan Michael Woodrum, Nitro, Chapter 13. Assets: $35,546, Liabilities: $105,055.

Kimberly Renae Allen, Dunbar, Chapter 13. Assets: $42,916, Liabilities: $69,295.

Alexandra Kay Shrewsbury, Fayetteville, Chapter 13. Assets: $53,865, Liabilities: $83,748.

Linda Brown Rose, Dunbar, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Larry Maurice and Ruth May Thornton, Dunbar, Chapter 13. Assets: $74,565, Liabilities: $85,572.

Atasha Renee Rogers, Mount Hope, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Charles Ellis and Amber Dawn Short, Madison, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Anita Diann Boothe, Fairdale, Chapter 13. Assets: $274,813, Liabilities: $295,978.

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