WINFIELD — Voters in Putnam County, and statewide, will be required to show identification at the polls in any election starting Jan. 1.

Putnam County Clerk Brian Wood told Putnam County commissioners Thursday that his office is prepared to create voter ID cards — if necessary.

Voters may show photo or non-photo identification, including a voter registration card; medicare or social security card; birth certificate; a West Virginia hunting or fishing license; a West Virginia SNAP or TANF ID card; a state Medicaid ID card; a bank statement or debit card; a utility bill; a health insurance card issued to the voter; a driver’s license or other state ID card; a U.S. passport; a military ID card issued by the U.S.; a student ID card; a concealed carry permit; or a federal ID card.

Wood said anyone who wishes to vote but does not have one of the valid forms of identification can obtain a free ID card from the county clerk’s office. The new law does not apply to absentee voting.

Also at the meeting, Putnam County Parks and Recreation Director Jarrod Dean told commissioners that he is still seeking donations from area businesses and community members looking to sponsor benches to be placed in Valley Park.

Several area businesses and families have made a donation to sponsor benches in honor, or in memory, of a loved one, a business or a family. Dean told commissioners the park has collected $10,000 in sponsorship donations and has $34,000 pledged to the park.

Those interested in a Valley Park sponsorship can call the parks office at 304-562-0518, ext. 102.

Commissioners also voted Thursday to appoint commissioner Andy Skidmore to serve as commission president in 2018.

The next Putnam County Commission meeting will be at 9 a.m. on Jan. 9.

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