During the visit:Help fill in gaps in your loved one’s reporting and gently correct anything you believe to be wrong or incomplete.Always be as clear and thorough as you can when reporting symptoms. Details are critical when it comes to diagnoses and treatments.Go through the questions in your notebook and discuss them briefly with the doctor. Write down the answers. Ask questions if you don’t understand something.Take notes about any changes the doctor suggests in treatments, home care, medications, etc.Have the doctor describe the potential side effects of a new medication or treatment.Ask when you should call the office to get any test results or when the next appointment should take place.After the visit:Review your notes. Is there anything you don’t understand? If so, call the office within 24 hours to clarify.Double-check that prescriptions were filled correctly at the pharmacy.Discuss the visit with your loved one. How did they feel about the visit? What did they learn?Put the date of the next visit on your calendar right away.Call about test results on the day the doctor’s office indicated they would be available.Compiled by Joy Davia