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Roger Gale


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On May 1st, 1963, in Charleston, West Virginia, a beautiful brown eyed boy was born to Patsy Anne (Parsons) Wines, whom she named ROGER GALE. He grew to be a skinny and lanky boy. Nine years later, after a brief stay in Michigan, and after moving to Florida, he became the big brother, superhero, and father figure to his little sister, Kimmy Sue Payton, whose father had passed two days prior to her birth, and in 1972 he returned to West Virginia.

Trying his hardest to put some weight on, he joined almost all the sports teams at Poca High School. Whether it be football (Go Packers), baseball (for which he had a lifetime of love for - Go Braves), wrestling, basketball, or chasing cheerleaders, he tried his hardest to excel. Many years later, whilst going through his yearbooks, it was obvious to all that he exceled at getting his picture placed on every other page.

After a couple of practice marriages, and while stationed in Germany, he met a blue eyed, blond haired, firecracker that went by the name Lisa (Larissa Ingersoll.) After three years, four proposals, and one pcs, she said yes, and in June, 1991, they were finally married. They were stationed at Pope AFB together, and after five years they had a baby girl they named Brittany. Roger, who had the ability to make any fussy baby laugh, thought his baby girl was the most beautiful, most intelligent, most perfect girl to ever grace the face of the earth. A fresh shave, cologne, and dressed in suit and tie, he would attend sugar water tea parties for two, pinky in the air, and holding conversations with his princess. Years later he was dancing in the living room, learning the latest dance steps, showing her "old school 80's" dance moves, and doing it all while trying not to break a hip.

15 months after Brittany was born, Roger and Lisa were blessed with a chubby baby boy they named Cody. Now he had a baby boy that was the most handsome, most intelligent, most perfect boy to ever grace the face of the earth. A box of tools, a worker's mat, and a set of instructions, he would put together Bionicles, teaching Cody the names of tools, and holding conversations with his little prince. Years later he was fighting Orcs, Blood Elves, Tauren, and Goblins, comparing armor, and running raids with his son in the lead, playing World of Warcraft and bonding over computer game violence and gore. Like father, like son.

Lisa was the love of his life. 33 years together, married for 30, through thick and thin, they made it work. He was her rock, her hero, her best friend. She was his stargazer, his cheerleader, his best friend. They were goofy together, acting out Rocky Horror Picture Show, going to little hometown carnivals and beating the carnies at their fixed games, playing "Name That Tune" with their music collection until 4:00 in the morning, watching military movies and picking out all the mistakes. They always held hands when out, even when he was wheelchair bound. Their love was solid and real, held together by respect and understanding, sometimes confusing to the outside world, but perfect from the inside. They were even holding hands at his last breath.

Roger loved his sports. Golfing every weekend with his Air Force coworkers, watching Nascar and rooting for his favorite drivers, first Kyle Petty, later Kevin Harvick, playing shortstop on the squadron softball team, Roger was always in the game. Roger dreamed in ESPN. Lisa was known to opine that if ESPN showed Olympic goat herding, Roger would know all the stats and teams.

Lasagna was his default favorite food, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups his default sweet, Mountain Dew his default soft drink. He took pride in his appearance, never letting himself "go to pot," exercising every other day, and working on his biceps the most, because big biceps made Lisa "swoon."

He loved the military. He took great pride in serving his country, spending 14 1/2 years as a crew chief on C-130 Hercules. He was sent as ESTA to the first Gulf war, Desert Storm, in 1990. The "Big Pecker Surf Club" tent held lifelong buddies. Roger, Doc Love, Vince Mitchell, and James Hunter. War was hard, but it was easier with goofy men who played practical jokes while doing laundry with dusty water in buckets and plungers. Although quite often difficult, if not impossible to speak of, the one thing he had no trouble talking about was the friends. The men who supported each other no matter what. Doc, Vince, Jim, he never forgot.

At 57, he was diagnosed with metastatic Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. No stranger to difficulties, Roger took it head on. The doctors gave him three months. But, just like everything else that was difficult, he didn't run. He met it head on and fought. He fought for 15 months, valiantly. With Lisa by his side, he went through three separate stages of chemotherapy. He knew that he wouldn't beat the cancer, but he wanted to be there when his daughter got married. And he did. In May of 2021, in full Darth Maul costume, he walked his daughter down the aisle in her Star Wars themed wedding. He danced with his little princess at her wedding.

Roger leaves behind a family that loves him still. He taught his children honesty, integrity, manners, work ethic, and love. He may not have been famous or wealthy, but he will always be remembered by those that loved him, and we are richer for having loved him.

Roger is survived by his wife of 30 years, Larissa. His children; Brittany 26, and Cody, 25. His mother Patsy, and his sister Kimmy.

The family will have visiting 5 - 7 p.m., Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at Chapman Funeral Home, Hurricane WV, where afterwards he will be awarded Military Honors by the USAF and the James E. Marshall American Legion Post #187, Winfield WV.

Anyone wishing to leave a memory online may do so by visiting Roger's tribute page at:

Chapman Funeral Home and Crematory, family owned and operated at, 3941 Teays Valley Road Hurricane WV 25526 is honored to handle Rogers's arrangements.

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