How low will our senators go to keep their power? We need new representation that will go to Washington to defend our values not just theirs and our economic interest.

There have been many headlines lately regarding opioid lawsuits. There is a massive group of lawsuits brought on behalf of cities and counties in front of U.S. District Judge Dan Polster pending in Cleveland. Those cities and counties asked for and received designation of a “negotiation clas…

There has been a lot of sustained public outcry concerning recent mass shootings. On Aug. 3, a white 21-year-old gunman in El Paso, Texas, killed 22 people and injured 24. Hours later, a white 24-year-old gunman in Dayton, Ohio, killed nine people and injured 17. On Aug. 31, a white 36-year-…

Fossil fuel attorney David Yaussy’s distorted industry mantra in a recent op-ed spinning doubt that the anthropogenic climate change crisis is nothing to worry about triggers an old memory of companies telling people “cigarettes are good for you.”

In a rally speech last night, Trump said Biden was a good vice president only because he knew how to kiss Barack Obama’s butt. Amazing, coming from a man who gets up each day demanding that everyone kiss his.

When West Virginians think about the opioid crisis, the analysis tends to drift in a few understandable directions. Death tolls from overdoses, obviously, are a huge part of the picture, as is treatment and rehabilitation. There’s the law enforcement aspect of stemming the tide of illicit dr…

Trump is the worst president in the history of the USA. He is so narcissistic that he can’t think of anything except what benefits him, his family, and his wealthy acquaintances. He does not care about America or Americans. He is similar to a mob boss or a cult leader. He has no loyalty to h…

Donald Trump, an ongoing eruption of self-refuting statements (“I’m a very stable genius” with “a very good brain”), is adding self-impeachment to his repertoire. Spiraling downward in a tightening gyre, his increasingly unhinged public performances (Google the one with Finland’s dumbfounded…

I don’t need to look up the definition of a liberal. I know what they are and I know I don’t like them or what they stand for. I won’t vote for a Democrat regardless if I like the person or not based upon the liberal agenda that party promotes. I want people that place working, retired and h…

WASHINGTON, NEXT WEEK, AT THE RATE THINGS ARE GOING — Asked to account for his attempts to pressure Ukraine into influencing the election, Donald Trump responded by standing bare to the elements in the middle of the South Lawn and shouting, “IN A WORLD WITHOUT GOD, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED!” …

There’s an ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods that shows Little League baseball, soccer and football programs reading a “to whom it may concern” letter telling them their program has been nixed because of a lack of funds.

The Sports Illustrated saga refuses to end. Last week, the commentariat erupted with fury after the venerable magazine laid off at least 25 percent of its editorial staff, including a number of respected writers, and announced plans to hire scores of part-time freelancers.

Is “free” K-12 education socialist? How is “free” college different than “free” K-12? It’s a bad thing that college debt now stops so many people from starting businesses and families. “Socialist” doesn’t mean, “deprives bankers of cash stream.”

Every year, at our Summer Policy Institute, I give a presentation to the students there on finding and working with economic and other data sources. One of the key lessons is that, with economic data, particularly in a small state like West Virginia, there is a balance between timeliness and…

If photo ops could fix Charleston the city would be pristine. But they don’t and the do-nothing, missing in action, mayor who doesn’t care is guiding the beautiful city of Charleston into the dumps. Charleston deserves better!

It’s no surprise that people who have a vested interest in the fossil fuels industry are reluctant to accept the overwhelming evidence that increasing temperatures are doing great harm to our planet. However, what is encouraging is that companies like BP (once known as British Petroleum) are…

I am perplexed by the occasional vents that claim that President Trump is working for the American people. Seriously, what has he done?

“If Democrats are successful in removing the president from office (which they never will be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” — Donald Trump, roughly quoting Robert Jeffress, a conservative Dallas preacher

Over the last few years, West Virginia has made major progress in school-based child nutrition, thanks to the federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, West Virginia’s 2013 Feed to Achieve Act and the wise decisions of nearly all county school boards.

Multiagency coordination is underway between lawmakers, the Division of Motor Vehicles, secretary of state, county clerks and the governor to provide West Virginia with new systems to implement “opt-out” Automated Voter Registration. The process is technical, and needs to be done properly to…

KABUL, Afghanistan — My office here overlooks a well-tended rose garden, surrounded by high concrete walls and scrolls of razor wire, which the neighborhood cats have learned to navigate unscathed. Beyond, though, danger lurks: car bombs, kidnappings, shootouts between insurgents and police.

When was the last time Trump signed a legislative bill into law? Trump wont sign a bill with bipartisan support. He doesn’t want to look weak. The U.S. Senate President, Mitch McConnell, will not allow a vote on a bill unless Trump says he will support and sign it. They don’t want to look we…

Funerals for Monday, October 14, 2019

Chapman, Donald - 11 a.m., White Funeral Home, Summersville.

Faucett III, Jehugh - 1 p.m., Grace Bible Church, Charleston.

Gilmore, Debora - 1 p.m., Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens, Cross Lanes.

Glover, Carrie - Noon, Preston Funeral Home, Charleston.

Holstein, Ronnie - 11 a.m., Pineview Cemetery, Orgas.

Hornbeck, Jo Ellen - 2 p.m., Bartlett-Nichols Funeral Home, St. Albans.

Keller II, George - 1 p.m., First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary.

Lacy, Angie - 1 p.m., Fidler & Frame Funeral Home, Belle.

Myers, Angela - Noon, Stevens & Grass Funeral Home, Malden.

Painter, Dorothy - 1 p.m., Tyree Funeral Home, Oak Hill.

Park, Emily - 11 a.m., Old Stone Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg.

Stone, Karen - 7 p.m., Casdorph & Curry Funeral Home, St. Albans.

Sweet, Ufa - 11 a.m., Snodgrass Funeral Home, South Charleston.

Tomblin, Vonnie - 1 p.m., Mountaineer Missionary Baptist Church, Harts.

Williams, Raymond - 1 p.m., Dodd & Reed Funeral Home, Webster Springs.