There are two quite different paths toward change in the 2020 elections. One would involve getting rid of President Donald Trump but leaving Washington gridlocked. The other would see a Democratic president elected with a Democratic Congress. For the first time in a decade, progressives, wit…

What Senate Republicans are too cowardly to say to their POTUS consists of three words, but in essence, if spoken repeatedly and often would show the world, America’s allies and foes alike what true American patriotism really looks like.

Two years ago, when a group of tiki torch-wielding racists held their deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, they shared some common traits. They were white, yes, and they were also overwhelmingly male. The most visible white nationalists are generally men: Not only do they view European…

We pay high taxes in this state to drive on horrible roads, which is crazy. I think actually the state should be paying us to drive on such deplorable roads. The state should also have to pay for any damage caused by their horrible roads or the deer that they fail to keep thinned out.

We want to express our appreciation for all of the 500 men and women in the West Virginia National Guard, along with 3,700 others from nearby states, who are being deployed to the Middle East to continue aiding Operation Spartan Shield.

Upon returning to my position as West Virginia’s superintendent of schools for a second time, in 2017, I recall a county superintendent presenting to the state Board of Education and explaining that the largest need in his county was for alternative education programs for first-grade student…

Acting director of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli said earlier this week that the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty should be edited to say “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”

I feel you should be called a hero only if you put your own life at risk to save another person or animal! If you are not putting your life at risk, you are not a hero.

Some of the most relied upon services for families in our state are those provided by funding from the Title X program. The Title X Family Planning Program has been in place since Nixon introduced it and was passed into legislation in 1970 as a part of the Public Health Service Act. This pro…

A strange tale is weaving itself together after West Virginia Sen. Mike Maroney, R-Marshall, took the unusual step of preemptively denying he knows a woman at the center of a prostitution ring investigation in Maroney’s hometown of Glen Dale.

My 14-year-old grandson could do a better job of road repairs than the Putnam County Division of Highways workers. They can’t even repair a pot hole without turning it into a speed bump.

The United States guarantees a right to free speech under the 1st Amendment, but American society has generally agreed that right only extends to the point where it infringes on the rights of others. That’s not unreasonable.

What drunk painted the lines at the Cross Lanes/Goff Mountain exchange? I saw several near crashes just over the weekend.

Gun control is not a matter of keeping people defenseless. Gun control reduces the risk of gun violence. It is obvious that fewer assault weapons would reduce the risk. However, Trump, the NRA, and Republicans would prefer we all arm ourselves with assault weapons instead.

WASHINGTON — When it comes to gun control, conservatives have been fortunate in their enemies. Every time there is a mass shooting, the left renews its calls for gun control, but it spends a great deal of energy on futile and ahistorical arguments about the wording of the Second Amendment, o…

Three Democratic presidential candidates say they think the president is a white supremacist. The brother of one of those candidates tweeted a list of names of Trump campaign donors in his hometown, saying they were “fueling hate.” The president’s son compared that congressman to the Dayton …

West Virginia has America’s highest concentration of opioid pain pills. According to a Washington Post report released last week, 853,486,418 prescription pain pills were supplied to our state from 2006 to 2012. In 2017, 833 West Virginians died from opioid overdoses, according to the Nation…

Imagine that West Virginia’s governor, legislative leadership and commerce secretary called a press conference tomorrow to announce the potential attraction of a new industry to the state. One that generates up to $248 million in total economic significance, $189 million in direct economic i…

A former member of Congress who served during the 1990s told me recently that the difference between the Congress he served in and the Congress we have today is that those who presently represent us in Washington want all of what they want, or they want nothing at all.

Las Vegas; El Paso; Dayton; Columbine; elementary schools; high schools; churches with black people; churches with white people; movie theaters; shopping malls; McDonald’s; and the list goes on and on. Will this eventually happen in West Virginia? Yes. When and where? I have no clue. Does an…

Funerals for Monday, August 19, 2019

Acree, Elizabeth - 1 p.m., Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery, Dunbar. 
Bryant, Elmer - 3 p.m., Lantz Funeral Home, Alderson.
Clayton, Floyd - 11 a.m., Dodd & Reed Funeral Home, Webster Springs.
Grose, Margot - 2 p.m., Tyler Mountain Funeral Home, Cross Lanes.
Groves, Nettie - 1 p.m., Greene - Robertson Funeral Home, Sutton.
Holcomb, Mary - 11 a.m., Elk Funeral Home, Charleston.
Manion, Mary - 2 p.m., Ansted Baptist Church.
Quigley Jr., Albert - 11 a.m., Keller Funeral Home, Dunbar.
Stanley, Albert - Noon, Fayetteville First Church of God.  
Thomas, Phyllis - 10 a.m., Britton Cemetery, Charleston.