There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Tuesday’s news that West Virginia had the highest personal income growth in the nation for the first quarter of the year, at 5.6 percent. But context is important, and the numbers show the Mountain State still has a long way to go.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s immigration policy has crossed the line from gratuitous cruelty to flat-out sadism. Perhaps he enjoys seeing innocent children warehoused in filth and squalor. Perhaps he thinks that’s what America is all about. Is he right, Trump supporters? Is he right…

Christopher Regan’s article says it all. I am afraid that God will punish our wicked country for the atrocities we commit even today against these refugees. Shame!

My 7-year-old often tries to get her way whatever way she can when she really, really wants something. Her determination is sometimes admirable, but mainly it’s an exercise in my patience and sanity. Over and over again, she asks. Sometimes she yells. Sometimes she plays tricks to get her way.

If you’ve worked your whole life and are still earning minimum wage, the problem isn’t minimum wage guidelines.

West Virginia’s population dropped to 1.8 million according to a recent US Census estimate. That’s down nearly 50,000 since 2010 because of two main factors. First, more people are moving out than in. And second, there’s a higher death rate compared to birth rate among those left. So, conven…

Trump is running for election again and the seeds of fascism he is planting are still growing and choking our country. People are campaigning against him and other enemies of our country in the Republican Party.

When Google went public in 2004, it included the following quote from its co-founder Larry Page in its public offering filings: “We want you to come to Google and quickly find what you want. Then we’re happy to send you to the other sites. ... We want to get you out of Google and to the righ…

Whatever Kyle Kashuv’s defenders would have you believe, using the n-word 12 times in one sentence is not a youthful indiscretion. It’s not like Senior Skip Day or drinking Natty Boh in someone’s basement; it’s not a word that accidentally falls out of your mouth, and its offensiveness is no…

We didn’t see it coming. It announced its arrival in a swirling cloud of leaves and twigs that sliced through the rain on the right side of the van. Within seconds, an ominous gray shadow pierced the falling debris and — in less time than it took me to blurt out an appropriate expletive — it…

It must have been depressing for those female state representatives when, in a final request to include an exemption for rape in an abortion policy being debated on their legislative floors, they stood before their male colleagues and confided on public record that they, too, had been a vict…

Well, West Virginia is a year older. Looks like some citizens celebrated by throwing their trash and cigarette butts out the window. Some also celebrated by stealing off their neighbors for their next fix. That’s West Virginia pride right there!

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., argued that Democrats need to pay far more attention to rural America if they ever want to take back the Senate. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., urged his party to be more open to people of faith. Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., spoke for new …

On Sunday, it will have been three years since the lives of thousands of West Virginians were changed forever. After 24 hours of unrelenting rain, flash floods destroyed huge swaths of 44 counties, with 12 especially hard hit. A 1,000-year flood event, meteorological experts called it.

Back in 2001, the West Virginia Legislature passed the West Virginia Jobs Act. The aim was to require companies working on public projects financed all or in part with state taxpayer dollars to hire more local workers.

Obama may not be running for election but the seeds of division and socialism he planted are still growing and choking our country. So yes in a way. People are campaigning against him and the other enemies of our country in the Democrat Party.

WASHINGTON — That the Democrats’ two evenings of dueling oratory snippets this week are called “debates” validates Finley Peter Dunne’s prediction that “when we Americans are through with the English language, it will look as if it had been run over by a musical comedy.”

I think it’s great that Greenbrier Street is getting a fresh coat of blacktop. To prevent it from washing out, can we get the state to clean out the ditches and pick up the trash? From Oakridge Drive to the interstate, the ditch line is full of rocks and tree branches. After all, this is our…

So, it’s dangerous distracted driving when using a phone, but it’s OK for a driver to let a dog ride in his lap obscuring left side mirror and endangering the dog in the event of an accident.

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