There may be a disconnect between the liberals and conservatives in that if these ideas are brought to fruition, we all pay for it. Put all those ideas together for funding and government printing presses couldn’t spit out enough money to pay the bills. I was a liberal as a youngster, then I…

In the United States, death and taxes are the two things that can be relied upon. In West Virginia, there’s a third assurance, that the Legislature will debate the establishment of an intermediate court between the circuit courts and Supreme Court.

It needs pointing out that Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan bears little resemblance to Medicare. The Vermont senator undoubtedly exploits the word “Medicare” to obscure the radicalness of his single-payer proposal. Medicare, after all, is very popular.

When I was 4, living the not-so-interesting life of an Army brat in Fort Polk, Louisiana, there was this movie that came out called “The Empire Strikes Back.” You may have heard of it.

Bush said he wanted bin Laden dead or alive and then lost interest. Obama just finished the job. There was no public discussion about the general.

In 2018, our House of Delegates was divided into 100 single-delegate districts to be implemented after the 2020 census. While that was a giant step forward, the job’s not done. Delegates reserved to themselves the right to choose their voters. Now that needs to change. Here’s the skinny.

Supporting America First in no way makes you a nationalist. I believe in protecting our individual liberties and rights above all else. I blindly follow no man. I believe in holding the individual responsible for their actions. I believe in paying your own way through life. I believe that th…

I was in the West Virginia Governor’s Office last week and saw a quilt hanging in the area where the governor conducts his news conferences. The quilt had various depictions of coal mining.

The recently unearthed Corrections photo showing trainees giving a Nazi salute is not only disgusting, it’s disturbing. It speaks to a larger issue occurring in our criminal justice system throughout this country. It does not represent the uniform I was proud to wear — which happens to be th…

As a Christian and a United Methodist pastor, I know what it’s like to have hard conversations about and with the LGBTQ community. I am not writing to express the views of the entire United Methodist Church or that of my congregation, but simply as a pastor compelled by my faith to speak for…

More environmental regulations are being trashed by Trump so his billionaire buddies can become richer and our environment will continue to degrade. What a guy.

The young boy reached out and, squeezing only briefly, said, “You’ve got a fisherman’s hands.” At the moment, it registered little. After all, it was only a moment’s interaction at the youth home and the day’s events (foreshadowing a new venture there) were more immediately memorable.

I guess Ms. Gilmore has blocked out the part of her arrest where she was actively resisting and fighting with the officers. She was the one in the wrong. Not the police. And the arrest was in no way brutal. I support our police. They did nothing wrong.

In violation of the separation of church and state, American tax dollars are funneled to fundamentalist private schools teaching peculiar things — such as a claim that Noah probably took two baby dinosaurs onto his ark.

Republican gubernatorial challenger Woody Thrasher has surprised me in the lead-up to the GOP primary campaign season. For a first-time candidate with an exclusively business background, Thrasher has spent valuable campaign time addressing a range of policy issues, including social issues of…

Individuals appropriately diagnosed and prescribed treatment for a medical condition should not have to go without treatment, split their daily-dose pill into halves or take a prescribed daily dose on alternate days because they cannot afford to adhere to the recommended treatment. Yet, the …

Note to Putnam county. Nobody is taking your guns. And, people are shooting each other in America because they have guns.

That standing invitation to Fredrick County to join West Virginia is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Talk about opening a can of worms, what if Virginia extended an invitation to Jefferson and Berkeley Counties or PA an invitation to Monongahela County?

Building upon the excellent Gazette-Mail editorial published Saturday, Jan. 11, the facts are that environmental regulations have been developed for decades to successfully reduce health threats and premature deaths.

I do believe Couch Huggins makes enough money to pay his own fine. There’s no need for a “Go Fund Me” page. Get real!

When does war begin? Our Constitution requires we know, you know. It says Congress declares war and the president carries it out. So, for war to begin, you’d think Congress would say so. Hasn’t been that way for years. It’s more complex than that. Here are details.

As West Virginia continues to fall short on revenue collection, Gov. Jim Justice said his budget proposal is “very conservative” in his State of the State address. But Justice missed an important opportunity in last week’s speech to get ahead of budget shortfalls that would put students firs…

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