Two times within two years, I’ve had my House of Delegates member picked for me. Being that I was considered as a potential candidate and participated in the interview process in 2018, I have a recommendation for a better way to fill the seat. Why? So, the selected delegate ends up beholden …

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll should send a shudder through the Republican Party. Only 38 percent of Americans approve of President Donald Trump’s performance, while 58 percent disapprove, 48 percent strongly so. The majority of the poll was taken after the killing of Abu Bakr al-…

Congressional Republicans, aghast that the process they devised to investigate Benghazi is being applied to one of their own, appear on the verge of collapsing onto their fainting couches as they indignantly claim that the process is unconstitutional. If their hypocrisy bothers them, it does…

On Oct. 25, Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W.Va., bragged about his and other lawmakers’ intrusion into the impeachment inquiry hearings by tweeting “Great coverage of my efforts to expose the secret, Soviet-style impeachment process. All West Virginians and the press have a right to know what is takin…

A couple of weeks ago, the little guy had his first real soccer scrimmage. I wasn’t sure what to expect. He doesn’t yet have a great interest in any particular sport and is at an age where explaining rules and objectives is probably pretty boring for him.

Thirty years ago this fall, the savings and loan crisis penetrated America’s living rooms. Televised hearings of the House Banking Committee investigated the political might and corruption masterminded by Charles Keating Jr., one of the nation’s most powerful business executives.

An average is the best of the worst, and the worst of the best. So, is the average increase in inflation as reflected in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) an adequate amount of change in Social Security benefits for seniors? I don’t think so. Here’s the deal.

There are moments when the U.S. Capitol feels like a sanctified space, a holy temple dedicated to ideals that transcend the partisan squabbles of the politicians who work there. The enormous paintings that tell the story of America, normally like wallpaper to those who work in the building, …

Along the East River, which is not really a river (it is a 16-mile-long tidal estuary), perhaps 20,000 people actually chose to spend a gorgeous autumn afternoon last Saturday listening to socialist Bernie Sanders, who is not really a socialist — he just wants to confiscate capitalism’s boun…

Isn’t it obvious that seat belts are needed in school buses? Yet, there are no state or federal regulations mandating them. And the West Virginia Department of Education doesn’t require them on newly purchased buses. What’s up? The issue is more complex than it seems. Here’s my take.

No one has worked more aggressively to trigger impeachment than the president. You may remember that, during the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump suggested that, should he win, he might become one of the most “boring” presidents in history. There was in this curious pledge — which, as w…

We’ve seen this movie before. The top economists at the International Monetary Fund — the global agency created after World War II to promote stability and growth in the world economy — unveil their latest forecast, which is almost always weaker than its previous forecast. The economists hol…

Presidential aspirant Beto O’Rourke, thrashing about in an attempt to be noticed, says tax exemptions should be denied to churches and other institutions that oppose same-sex marriage. O’Rourke’s suggestion, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s plan to tax the “excessive” exercise of a …

I am willing to be adopted by Joe Biden, if that will lead to a board of directors’ position at $50,000 a month. Doubtless, candidate Biden’s political status was a key to Hunter Biden’s success. However, not content to let the relatively benign Biden incident stand, Donald Trump manufacture…

Donald Trump, an ongoing eruption of self-refuting statements (“I’m a very stable genius” with “a very good brain”), is adding self-impeachment to his repertoire. Spiraling downward in a tightening gyre, his increasingly unhinged public performances (Google the one with Finland’s dumbfounded…

WASHINGTON, NEXT WEEK, AT THE RATE THINGS ARE GOING — Asked to account for his attempts to pressure Ukraine into influencing the election, Donald Trump responded by standing bare to the elements in the middle of the South Lawn and shouting, “IN A WORLD WITHOUT GOD, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED!” …

The Sports Illustrated saga refuses to end. Last week, the commentariat erupted with fury after the venerable magazine laid off at least 25 percent of its editorial staff, including a number of respected writers, and announced plans to hire scores of part-time freelancers.

“If Democrats are successful in removing the president from office (which they never will be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” — Donald Trump, roughly quoting Robert Jeffress, a conservative Dallas preacher

Over the last few years, West Virginia has made major progress in school-based child nutrition, thanks to the federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, West Virginia’s 2013 Feed to Achieve Act and the wise decisions of nearly all county school boards.

KABUL, Afghanistan — My office here overlooks a well-tended rose garden, surrounded by high concrete walls and scrolls of razor wire, which the neighborhood cats have learned to navigate unscathed. Beyond, though, danger lurks: car bombs, kidnappings, shootouts between insurgents and police.

There’s no problem with President Donald Trump asking the Ukrainian president to “look into” Joe Biden and do “whatever you can do with the Attorney General” about him. That’s what West Virginia’s 2nd District Republican congresswoman, Carol Miller, would have you believe through a statement…

We now know the truth: President Trump asked the leader of Ukraine to investigate the man who was widely seen as his strongest potential opponent during a phone call in which he noted that “we do a lot for Ukraine.” He threw an invite for a White House visit into the bargain.

To deny climate change is to deny laws of physics. Instead of refusing to believe, we Republicans should engage in the debate. Otherwise, we’ll live with whatever solution is developed without us. As for the issue’s proof, I rely on my family’s resident expert, cousin Charles. Allow me to explain.

WASHINGTON — As a case study in the workings of modern democracy, the handling of Social Security by successive presidents and Congress over recent decades is a deeply disturbing exercise. The facts are not in dispute. Congress and the White House have agreed to benefits for retirees and the…


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