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Kids should eat. We all agree on that, right?

Kids in many West Virginia communities can’t go to school because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They don’t get breakfast and lunch because they are not in school. Many parents must take off from work to care for their kids because of the virus. This means that families already struggling financially are having an even harder time providing food for kids who are missing meals at schools.

On Friday mornings, I look out my window to see families waiting to get a week’s worth of free meals from a school bus that delivers food to struggling folks.

If a bill came up in the U.S. House of Representatives ensuring government funding for food programs to feed kids, you would think the three West Virginians in the House of Representatives would vote for that bill.

Late last month, the U.S. House voted on House Resolution 8337 which, among other things, ensured food for kids. West Virginia Republican Reps. Carol Miller and David McKinley joined 359 other representatives in supporting the bill. That is overwhelming bipartisan support in these divided times.

Only 57 representatives voted against feeding your children. Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W.Va., was one of them.

Why would Mooney not join the 129 Republican members who voted for this bill? It must not be a partisan thing. Conservatives are not against feeding children. There was no huge Republican outcry against this bill. Remember, two-thirds of West Virginia’s House delegation, all Republicans, voted for the bill.

The answer is pretty clear. Rep. Alex Mooney is not interested in representing the people of West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. He seems to have an agenda that goes against the people he is supposed to represent, and against his own party.

Republicans obviously can’t trust Mooney. Whatever his reasons for voting against the bill, he not only let down our kids, but he turned his back on his party.

Passing HR 8337 provided funding to feed kids, and it also it averted a government shutdown.

A government shutdown would’ve meant federal employees laid off or forced to work for no pay. Shutdowns because of COVID-19 have already hurt the U.S. economy. Mooney’s “no” vote signals that he doesn’t care if more economic hardship befalls the people of West Virginia.

We have been living in a tumultuous world since March — people out of work, schools shut down, businesses closed, riots, illness and more than 218,000 deaths from COVID-19. A government shutdown, just before a national election, would’ve taken an unstable situation and thrust us into mayhem.

Rep. Alex Mooney needs to go. The people of West Virginia’s 2nd District, Republican and Democrat alike, need a representative who fights for feeding our children, and against further instability in America. There is only one choice.

Cathy Kunkel is running against Alex Mooney. I’ll be out of town on Election Day, so I am voting by mail this election. My ballot is sitting on my desk. I will be voting for Kunkel to replace Mooney, because we need a representative who truly cares about the people of West Virginia, not a representative who is working toward some other objective or agenda.

Bil Lepp, of South Charleston,

is a professional storyteller

and Gazette-Mail

contributing columnist.