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Jack Bernard: GOP needs to act on Trump (Opinion)

Politically speaking, 2020 is a long time from now. But, if close associates keep undercutting him, President Donald Trump will soon find himself with nothing but, as Springsteen put it, “boring stories of glory days.”

From the Mueller report, it seems that even the president’s closest associates have turned on him, even “his” lawyers. As they say on the late, late night TV ads, “but wait, there’s more!”

In Trump’s opinion alone, we have been “invaded” by “criminals.” So, he unilaterally declared he will build a wall, regardless of congressional funding. We are now faced with a constitutional crisis after he vetoed the resolution calling for him to stand down on the issue.

Contrary to what Trump says, his immigration policy is unpopular with the public. Per Pew Research, the trend is for more Americans to want increased rather than decreased immigration (38 percent versus 24 percent). An astounding 83 percent want “dreamers” to have a path to citizenship and 57 percent oppose building a wall (this according to Gallup). And, 67 percent of Americans (CBS poll this time) are very upset about the recent changes in stronger ICE enforcement.

In international affairs, Trump is strangely intent on changing our traditional, vital role on the world stage. He is cutting ties with our long-standing allies and figuratively getting in bed with the world’s worst dictators, including Kim, Duarte and Putin (although his North Korea policy is in shambles).

But, only a fourth of our population agrees that we should have only a “minor role” in foreign affairs. Gallup has been asking this question for almost 20 years with little fluctuation in that percentage. Per Gallup, 80 percent of Americans support the NATO alliance, 66 percent want us to ensure the security of our allies and 63 percent support the United Nations.

However, Trump does not care what the majority wants, only his loyal, radicalized base. On the foreign affairs and immigration fronts, he:

Enacted a travel ban on 5 majority-Muslim nations. Oddly, he did not include Saudi Arabia (home of the 9/11 terrorists); Turkey and Egypt. All three are oppressive dictatorships. However, the Trump organization has had business dealings with them, which will come out if we ever see his tax returns.

  • Changed immigration policy so that babies and other children of illegals would be separated from their parents at the border. Despite a court order, these families have not yet all been reunited, and some children may never see their parents again.
  • Stated that the European Union is our “foe.”
  • Indicated that the U.S. was at fault for our antagonistic relationship with Russia.

Failed to criticize the Russians for interfering in our 2016 election, instead stating that it could be someone else.

  • Met with Putin with no advisers present, enraging both Democrats and Republicans.
  • Undercut NATO by remarks about not defending its members if they were under attack.
  • Publicly asked the Russians to find Hillary’s deleted email messages.
  • Defended Putin’s policy of killing opponents, saying the USA is not “innocent.”

At the Helsinki Summit, Putin was asked if he had directed Russian officials to help elect Trump in 2016. Remarkably, he said “yes.” That very public statement by one of the USA’s greatest enemies tells us a lot about the truth of what has been detailed in Mueller’s report and elsewhere.

We can only hope that GOP leaders, especially Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (who appears to care more about party than country), will finally push Trump aside and agree to look at removal based on impeachment. Then, Mr. Trump can go back to bankrupting companies, rather than destroying our democracy.

Jack Bernard, of Peachtree City, Georgia, was the first director of health planning for Georgia, has worked with several national health care firms and with West Virginia hospitals, including CAMC, on cost

containment. He is a former chairman

of the Jasper County (Georgia) Commission and Republican Party.

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