Joseph Wyatt: Time for Trump to show his cards (Opinion)

If President Donald Trump had inadvertently said that Arkansas, rather than Alabama, was in the path of Hurricane Dorian, he would have needed his justification bubble (drawn with a sharpie) to stretch westward to the mighty Mississippi, with flood warnings for Little Rock. He could have simply admitted that his inclusion of Alabama in the affected area was nothing but a mistake and there would have been no need for his repeated, mind-bending pseudo explanations of the gaff.

It would come as little surprise if Mr. Trump eventually claims his Alabama error was the product of the fake news media who worked with the forgers of Obama’s birth certificate to hack his Twitter account. Nevertheless, a question remains. If the president is regularly victimized by falsehoods, why does he refuse to produce readily available evidence that would set the record straight?

Mr. Trump rends his garments at the suggestion that he isn’t a highly successful businessman. But instead of whining about it, why doesn’t he release 20 years of his tax returns as proof of his business acumen? He did, after all, promise to release those tax records. To top it off, he has instructed his Treasury Secretary not to release his returns and he has gone to court to prevent congressional committees from obtaining them, even though it is within those committees’ constitutional rights. He has strung a lot of concertina wire around a set of tax returns that could validate his business wizardry.

Did the President commit obstruction of justice, as Robert Mueller’s report all but overtly states? Did he, for example, order White House Counsel Don McGhan to fire Mueller, then tell McGhan to write a memo denying that order? Mr. Trump says not. He could insist that McGhan testify before Congress to validate his innocence. Instead, the President bars McGhan’s testimony.

Mr. Trump denies use of the n-word during his days on “The Apprentice.” Why doesn’t he demand release of the show’s out-takes and downtime video to put such claims to rest? He could step up to the plate but chooses instead to sit in the dugout.

Was Donald Trump, as he claims, a top student when he was in college? Questions naturally arise when he spouts wisdom like, “The hurricane was very wet, in terms of water.” He could produce his transcripts as evidence of his towering academic stature. But not only has he failed to do that, he has written to every school he attended since the eighth grade and threatened them with litigation should they release his academic records. Bear in mind, this is the same Donald Trump who demanded that Barack Obama produce his college transcripts.

Fair and balanced minds ask why Deutsche Bank loaned Trump $360 million while other banks were treating him like a skunk at a picnic. Were his loans secured by Russian co-signers? If so, that could explain his evident subservience to all things Russian. The president could clear up the confusion by releasing his Deutsch Bank loan agreements. But he hasn’t and probably won’t, although Congress is looking into those documents.

Time after time, Donald Trump squanders opportunities to reveal the news media as the frauds that he claims them to be. He sits at the poker table, loudly reassuring us that he won the pot while consistently refusing to show his cards.

Joseph Wyatt is a Gazette-Mail

contributing columnist and emeritus professor at Marshall University.

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