Kelly Merritt: Welcome to the Daily Mail WV section (Daily Mail WV)

Welcome to the Daily Mail WV, a new feature of the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

What is the Daily Mail WV? It’s a new weekly news and commentary feature section for the Friday print and online editions of the Gazette-Mail. Each week, we’ll take the time to delve into issues affecting West Virginia, particularly as they relate to the state’s economic picture. We’ll look into opportunities to grow and transform West Virginia’s economy — as well as barriers to that growth.

Are we bringing back the Charleston Daily Mail, which published news and sports and entertainment for more than 100 years, most of that time as the morning Charleston Gazette’s afternoon competitor?

No. The Daily Mail WV section is very much a part of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the news provider you can still trust for in-depth daily journalism on local, state, national and world issues.

But we are bringing back the name and spirit of the old Charleston Daily Mail into the section as we seek to grow our readership and revenue. Our new owners recognize the Daily Mail brand still has considerable value, as generations of West Virginians remember trusting the popular former afternoon paper to be the last word in local news.

Prior to the merger of the Daily Mail and Gazette into the Gazette-Mail three years ago, the Charleston Daily Mail was known for some of its insightful business features. But to be fair, the Charleston Gazette also frequently published in-depth and insightful features about West Virginia businesses and the economy.

But the Gazette and Daily Mail were able to provide that in-depth coverage more regularly during stronger economic times for West Virginia in general, and the newspaper industry in particular.

The region’s economy was able to sustain two separate newspapers, even in a city the size of Charleston, and the two competitive newsrooms had more staff to publish focused economic features that went beyond each day’s breaking news.

The purpose of the Daily Mail WV is to add more in-depth focus to the Gazette-Mail’s statewide business coverage.

We hope you read the Daily Mail WV regularly, discuss things you’ve read with friends, family and co-workers, and look forward to the next edition. If you are a regular reader and subscriber, thank you.

If you are an occasional reader but not a subscriber, we hope that by adding this section we’ve enticed you to purchase an online or print (which includes online) subscription.

Once you get in the habit of reading the Gazette-Mail regularly, we are confident you’ll find your subscription provides you with a daily supply of quality news, commentary, sports, entertainment and fun that’s worth well more than the subscription price.

As an added enticement, for a limited time we’ve added the Friday Gazette-Mail to the Saturday-Sunday only subscription package at no extra charge. To subscribe, call 304-348-4800 or go online to

If you were an advertiser but stopped advertising for whatever reason or never have, we hope you will consider joining us as you see that the Gazette-Mail’s commitment to fair, accurate news coverage is attracting a wide audience that also is worth more than the advertising price.

But back specifically to the Daily Mail WV section, we hope you will read, enjoy and become enlightened by the news, information and commentary it offers. And we think you’ll feel the same about the rest of the newspaper too.

We want to hear from you. Comment on social media, email, or call me at 304-348-4802. We welcome feedback, suggestions for future topics and good advice.

Thanks for reading the Daily Mail WV section. And thanks for reading the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Kelly Merritt is editor of the Daily Mail WV section and the Daily Mail Opinion page.

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