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Douglas J. Harding: Justice Democrats becoming the (actual) party of the people (Gazette)

Douglas J. Harding: Justice Democrats becoming the (actual) party of the people (Gazette)


Justice Democrats are a progressive coalition aiming to take over the corrupt Democratic Party. The group was co-founded by prominent progressives Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski, and includes senior leadership from the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign team. Justice Democrats are a populist group pushing for legislation for various issues such as getting money out of politics, implementing a universal health care system, granting

universal access to higher education, amending tax laws to benefit the lower and middle class, forcing the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes, ending the failed war on drugs, implementing and improving human rights laws, and holding white-collar criminals accountable for their actions. Justice Democrats, having been founded only two weeks ago, already have over 110,000 people who have signed in support of the movement, and are now accepting nominations for candidates to run for government positions in 2018, with the rules that all candidates must pledge to take no corporate or billionaire money, and all candidates must support a single- payer universal healthcare system. The Justice Democrats movement, just like the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign -- which amazingly managed to outraise the ever-so-establishment Hillary Clinton campaign -- is only accepting donations up to $27, even further ensuring that it is indeed a party of the PEOPLE and not just the corporate billionaires on Wall Street.

Justice Democrats is a movement which needs to get an immense amount of recognition because its platform, which can be found at, is one which aligns with the views of the American people moreso than any other candidate or party in the history of American politics. And not only this, but there is also no doubt whether or not the Justice Democrats will actually stand up for those issues and do everything in their power to get legislation passed, as opposed to selling out to corporate billionaires and lobbyists, because everyone who wants to call themselves a Justice Democrat must pledge to not take any of that money. For so long, progressives have had to hear the corporate Democrats’ fallacious argument that our country can’t afford “luxuries” such as universal healthcare and tuition-free higher education, but that simply isn’t true; we can afford these things, just like virtually every other modern nation does. But when billionaires send their money offshore to avoid their fair share of taxes, and politicians are bought by wealthy lobbyists to act counterproductively in this sense, then no, we can’t expect to have all the things we genuinely and obviously should have. But with Justice Democrats taking over, those billionaires will be forced to pay their fair share of taxes, and candidates will no longer accept their slimy corporate bribes in exchange for special favors. Therefore, the Justice Democrats truly represent the people, and what we stand for, not just what the wealthy desire. Everyone in the United States knows that the current state of the system is tremendously broken -- equal opportunity is a myth, institutional bigotry and prejudice is a norm, income inequality is worse than it has been since 1928, over half of Americans make less than $30,000 a year, politicians are bought and sold by those with the most money, foreign policies are disastrous, our citizens are remarkably uneducated, the war on drugs and the war on terror are counterproductive, the environment is on course to being uninhabitable in some places in the near future, and the list goes on and on. But until now, no one has done anything to stand up and fix it. So the Justice Democrats are here to do that. And as long as you believe in and stand for the same issues as us (and the polls show that the majority of Americans do), then it doesn’t matter what you are -- conservative, liberal, white, black, Asian, Christian, Muslim, atheist -- we are all on the same side, all a part of the same genuine wave. The instrument is us, and no one else is going to save us. The time to fight back is now. If you wish to do so alongside us, then sign your name in support and/or donate now at Your support -- the people’s support -- is our only way to make this happen. Help us, join us, in showing the establishment that the people are taking our government back from their greedy hands.

Douglas J Harding is a student at Winfield High School.

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