Maybe you’ve never heard of Deadspin, the sardonic sports website that, for nearly 15 years, has served up sports news with an entertaining half smirk, broken huge sports stories and produced some very good journalism. But you’ve, no doubt, heard some variation of the argument that has lande…

For the entire Obama presidency, Republicans across the country were able to turn “liberal” into a dirty word. It didn’t mean allowing more people more freedoms and rights, or trying to protect the social safety net for those who need it. The right was able to turn it into a word to label al…

One candidate said she was going to put a lot of coal companies out of business. Another stood in Charleston, West Virginia, donned a hard hat, pantomimed shoveling and promised the industry’s roaring return.

Former bishop Michael Bransfield, the head of the Catholic Church in West Virginia for 13 years, was “very concerned about his legacy.” Those are the words of Mark Phillips, the former chief of staff of what was Wheeling Jesuit University, provided in a written response to questions from The…

Over the weekend, the comedy/horror film “Zombieland: Doubletap,” (a sequel to 2009’s “Zombieland”) opened up in theaters. It’s one of a host of zombie-related films and TV shows debuting or continuing this year, with plenty of entertainment based on the shambling, brain-devouring creatures …


Adkins, Tressa - 6 p.m., Bethel Baptist Church, Spring Hill.

Angel, Larry - 1 p.m., St. Albans Church of the Nazarene, St. Albans.

Brown, Clara - Noon, Jackson County Memory Gardens, Cottageville.

Conley, Billy - 6 p.m., Evans Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Chapmanville.

Ellis, Emert - 11 a.m., Evans Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Chapmanville.

Green, Judy - Noon, Stevens & Grass Funeral Home, Malden.

Hackney, Teddy - 2 p.m., Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens, Cross Lanes.

Hager, Naomi - 1 p.m., Montgomery Memorial Park Chapel, London.

Higginbotham, Alice - 2 p.m., First Baptist Church, St. Albans.

Hill, Peggy - 2 p.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.

Hunter, Lauria - 1 p.m., Hafer Funeral Home, Elkview.

Lewis, James - 11 a.m., Buffalo Memorial Park, Buffalo.

Mull, Melanie - 3 p.m., McGhee - Handley Funeral Home, West Hamlin.

Radford, David - 11 a.m., Fidler & Frame Funeral Home, Belle.

Shingleton, Carole - 11 a.m., Gatens-Harding Funeral Home Chapel, Poca.

Sigman Sr., Ralph - Noon, Casdorph & Curry Funeral Home, St. Albans.

Snyder, Jeffrey - 1 p.m., Leavitt Funeral Home, Parkersburg.

Spaulding, Gladys - 11 a.m., Chapman Funeral Home, Hurricane.

Stone, Judith - 2 p.m., Wilcoxen Funeral Home, Point Pleasant.

Taylor, Naomi - 1 p.m., Dodd & Reed Funeral Home, Webster Springs.

Webb, Tommy - 7 p.m., Loudendale Freewill Baptist Church, Charleston.

Williams, Jennie - 2 p.m., Bartlett-Nichols Funeral Home, St. Albans.