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Like it or not, you can already say that Christmas in 2020 is a holiday no one will forget for a long time.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the United States, many families, friends and loved ones will be opening packages or giving toasts on computer and smartphone screens.

While typical holiday tension that develops in large familial gatherings with idealized expectations or awkward conversational topics might dissipate, there’s now isolation and cabin fever to deal with, both of which have been riding a nine-month wave.

It will be a good time to take a moment and reflect on the little things to be thankful for. Sure, 2020 hasn’t provided a host of those moments, but if you’re healthy, that’s one major thing to appreciate. If your house is quiet on Christmas for the first time in ages, take a deep breath or a stiff drink, along with a moment to be thankful for the upside of that. Be thankful that vaccines are here, and it’s unlikely that next Christmas or, hopefully, any Christmas in the future, will be like this one.

A lot of people will still insist on traveling. All we can say is: Think about it first. If you’re going to do it, at least follow public health guidelines, especially by masking up indoors, even if you’re just going to another home in West Virginia for a short amount of time.

The state has seen a big shift in risk of spread this week. The COVID-19 risk assessment map, as of Wednesday morning, had all but eight of West Virginia’s 55 counties in the high-risk levels of orange and red. And a majority of those counties, 36, were red — to 11 in orange. That means both the cases per capita and the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests in those 36 counties indicate the risk for infection is at its peak. Less than 10 days ago, there were only 14 counties categorized as red in the state. West Virginia is now on track to surpass 1,200 deaths long before the month is over.

Be smart and stay safe. Make sure you’ll be able to join everyone for Christmas festivities in 2021.