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Author, Emmy Award-winner and science presenter Emily Calandrelli has a new show. “Emily’s Wonder Lab” comes to Netflix beginning Aug. 25.

What’s great about West Virginia native Emily Calandrelli’s new Netflix series, “Emily’s Wonder Lab,” among other things, is the timing.

Calandrelli, a WVU grad with a master’s degree from MIT, gained notoriety as the character “Space Gal” on Bill Nye’s show “Bill Nye Saves the World.” She received an Emmy for her work. Now, she’s appearing in living rooms across the world with her own show, which drops on the streaming service today.

As kids and parents await West Virginia schools opening on Sept. 8 and are still uncertain just how that will work, Calandrelli’s show offers up some cool science knowledge while also displaying experiments that parents and kids can replicate at home with everyday objects. Anything that engages the mind, involves the whole family and offers something not only to watch, but to do during the coronavirus pandemic is a winner.

It’s also entirely possible kids could find themselves back at home after school opens. Teaching young children through online learning can be difficult. While it’s no replacement for school, Calandrelli’s show is stimulating for young minds. The show is for a preschool to elementary school audience, providing experiments that are visually engaging, to make for better television and make it more interesting for the audience.

As Calandrelli told the Gazette-Mail‘s Bill Lynch, “That’s one of the wonderful things my show does. It provides an actual experiment you can do with materials you have around the house. You can bring the science from the show home.”

Wonderful, indeed. We wish Calandrelli the best of luck with the new show, and hope it inspires children to learn and adults to participate in that learning.