Letter: Public officials should reign in Big Pharma (Daily Mail Opinion)

Are you disgusted with high drug costs?

Public interest is defined this way by the Business Dictionary. “Welfare of the general public in contrast to the selfish interest of a person, group, or firm in which the whole of society has a stake and which warrants recognition, promotion and protection by the government and its agencies.”

It is difficult to accept the fact that a handful of pharmaceutical corporations can show such utter contempt for the health and well being of their fellow Americans? Simultaneous and identical actions of pharmaceutical companies increasing the costs of certain medications constitute a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible definition of public interest. Why do our elected representatives let this happen? Canada and Mexico offer the same drugs at a fraction of the outrageous costs for our country.

Large drug companies combine terms such as “market efficiency” and “shareholder value,” which is just an underhanded ploy given to the public in order to provide themselves with huge wealth and create an enormous disparity. This happens when greed overpowers good business practices.

Big Pharma’s pursuit of power and profit exceeds their sense of public interest and responsibility. Who is to blame? Can our elected officials help the American people by reigning in Big Pharma? Why have they not already done so?

Generics cost less than name-brand drugs, but patent laws offer a myriad of laws for companies to extend patents blocking generics. Pharmaceutical companies operate the way they do because they have a monopoly on certain medications. Basically, they have spiked prices because they can. As a result, we, the American people are the victims.

We have the right to expect a higher sense of business responsibility from pharmaceutical corporations than they have shown over the past several years. Today, I might be a target of a life-saving overpriced drug, tomorrow it might be you. Why are our political leaders are not fulfilling their watchful duty to ensure that Big Pharma honors its public-interest obligations for public health? Write your representatives and ask.

Is anybody listening?

Wes Holden


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