Gazette editorial: Andy Skidmore for Putnam County Commission

Andy Skidmore

Andy Skidmore

Andy Skidmore was first elected to the Putnam County Commission in 2012. He’s seeking a second six-year term, and there seems no reason he shouldn’t have one.

Skidmore is a Republican and a conservative, but partisan differences are often less important in local offices. He has longtime roots in Poca, one of the Putnam communities on the north side of the Kanawha River where residents often feel their needs are put behind those of the bustling Hurricane-Winfield-Teays Valley axis.

He joined the Putnam County Board of Health right after his election, just after the county health department laid off its entire staff because of financial woes. He’s helped clean up that mess, with the considerable aid of the Kanawha- Charleston Health Department.

If Putnam residents are pleased with Skidmore’s performance — and there’s little indication that they’re not — they should feel comfortable with awarding him another six-year term on the Putnam County Commission.

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