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Letter: Endangered Species Act must be protected (Gazette Opinion)


The federal Endangered Species Act protects West Virginia’s “wild and wonderful” creatures. Now, proposed regulations from the Trump administration would delay protection, and make other harmful changes.

Sens. Manchin and Capito, please oppose any attempts to undermine the Endangered Species Act. Preserve the natural heritage of our state for future generations.

Currently listed West Virginia species, like the cheat mountain salamander, the Indiana bat and candy darter, all depend on the act for protection. Candidate species that are in danger but not yet listed, including the Eastern hellbender, will be most affected by these proposed changes. The hellbender is the largest salamander in North America, and because of its sensitivity to water pollution, protecting this species will also protect the pristine streams in our state.

Rare species are not just valuable in their own right, but for what they tell us about the health of the environment we all share. Iconic species, like the bald eagle, are saved thanks to Endangered Species Act protections, and the act enjoys broad public support across the political spectrum.

Our senators must hold the line and defend this bedrock environmental law.

Judy Rodd


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