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LETTER: WV's broken education system needs a good look at charter schools (Opinion)


On Sunday, May 19, 2019, on a TV show, “West Virginia Politics,” one of the West Virginia teachers unions’ leader quoted a number from the state’s report on public feedback from education meeings. The statement was close to 88 percent of the people in the meetings do not want anything to do with charter schools.

Without doubting that number, I would like to know what percentage of those 88 percent are directly related to the public education process, such as teachers and administrators? I dare say that if 100 people not related to education system were asked the same question, the percentage would be far different.

West Virginia needs change to our broken education system now. There are many excellent teachers in the system. There are others who are there for the wrong reason and have attitudes that should not be sending messages to our children and grandchildren. We should allow the change to come, so we can improve the system for everyone.

Brent W. Sears


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