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We have a major problem that is being overlooked. The Charleston-Huntington area is the car crash capital of the world, and nobody is talking about what we can do to prevent so many wrecks.

The frequency of wrecks involving cars, motorcycles and, especially, big trucks seems to have reached epidemic proportions. They are happening everywhere — interstate highways, secondary roads, streets and alleys.

I don’t have research or actual numbers to back this up, like a Tom Crouser column would have, but I watch a lot of TV. Every other commercial is a law firm offering their services to car crash victims. During one NCAA basketball tournament game last weekend, I counted six law firms offering to help car wreck victims in our market.

I think it’s wonderful for so many firms to make their service available, but I think we’re ignoring the problem. The problem is the wrecks. I implore motorists throughout our region to slow down, obey the speed limits and traffic signs, and, for goodness sakes, stay off your phone while driving.

I know this plea won’t reach terrible drivers from out of state who come into our market and cause wrecks. But, within our region, safer driving can absolutely, without a doubt, cut down on this long overlooked problem.

Jack Cipoletti


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