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Congress is broken. We can take a positive step in the right direction by finally passing the congressional term-limits resolution in Charleston this upcoming session. That’s why I signed a pledge to, if elected, vote for and co-sponsor the resolution allowing the states to term limit Congress.

Rick Wilson writes in his column that “term limits would deprive voters of the chance to support candidates of their own choosing.” I believe the opposite is the case: that is the situation voters find themselves in now. How many times have we gone to the ballot box left with the same choices, cycle after cycle? Term limits on Congress would bring about more choices at the ballot box, now fewer. That is because term limits would ensure there are regular open-seat elections in Congressional races. Open seat races are far more competitive and allow for new voices to emerge as candidates. When a career politician occupies a seat for multiple decades, their incumbent fundraising clout prevents serious challengers from having a shot.

This is not a red or blue issue, but one that we can all get behind. By putting term limits on Congress we can cut off the gravy train and start moving forward again as a country. We are long past due for term limits on Congress.

Chris Pritt

Republican Candidate, West Virginia House of Delegates District 36