LETTER: Democrat state senators virtue signal, ignore hard truths

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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The recent column by state Sens. Glenn Jeffries, D-Putnam, and Richard Lindsay, D-Kanawha, “State legislation needed to address racial disparities” is yet another hand-wringing article on black victimization that ignores the elephant in the room: personal responsibility. The writers make the foolish claim: “What we do not know is exactly why it is affecting minority populations at such a greater percentage.”

Yes we do, gentlemen.

First of all, where COVID-19 is hitting blacks hardest, they are not a minority. And there are many cases of large groups of blacks gathering and ignoring social distancing in these hard hit areas.

Secondly, they are at higher risk because they have higher rates of medical issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. These diseases are not like sickle cell anemia, where it attacks only along racial lines. Obesity is brought on by a lack of self control/poor eating habits and obesity contributes to diabetes and high blood pressure.

Why should I be asked to contribute more of my tax dollars for a problem that is mostly self-inflicted? More money for EBT? Good Lord, we are the only country in the world that has morbidly obese “hungry” people. EBT is government at it’s finest: They can buy soda pop and candy but not vitamins or toothpaste.

This is getting out of control, senators.

Besides this, you also want me and other taxpayers to buy everyone’s kid lunch all through the summer. In the America I grew up in, parents didn’t buy other kids’ lunches unless they wanted to treat them. Feeding your children is your responsibility, especially when I see these same “poor” parents picking their kids up from school in a $35,000 vehicle while holding a $500 phone.

Gee, I’m guessing these virtue-signaling senators are still wondering how President Donald Trump got elected.

Chuck Jaymes


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