LETTER: Elected representatives are not serving our interests

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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If you truly want to know what is bothering the American people when it comes to politics, I can tell you. We are sick and tired of constant gridlock caused by the individuals elected to represent our interests. Regardless of the party in power, nothing is accomplished

We are interested in seeing our children able to grow up in a clean and safe environment; being able to afford a college education or technical training for our children that does not financially cripple them before they begin a career; having a fair tax system for everyone; caring for those who have special needs and those who are elderly in this nation; and supporting those who serve in our military. A mere 1 percent of this nation volunteers to protect the rest of our population. They deserve our full support, especially when we put them in harm’s way.

The people who are representing us right now are only acting in a partisan manner to our detriment. The leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as the White House, have lost focus. To be honest, this mockery of governance we are witnessing is a travesty. I am not talking about the impeachment hearings; I am speaking of the behavior and lack of focused attention on the issues important to the American people. We are wasting precious time, accomplishing nothing and spending an enormous amount of our tax dollars. It is time for some major changes.

Patricia Snodgrass


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