LETTER: Gov. Jim Justice keeps hurting children


Once again West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has saved himself a big bundle of money by not paying a bill he legally owed for years and years, and then settling it for pennies on the dollar.

Floyd County, Kentucky, was finally able to pry $400,000 out of the $671,000 in property taxes, penalties and interest a company once controlled by Justice racked up over six years of nonpayment. That’s about 60 cents on the dollar. Not bad, if you’re a billionaire who thinks rules are for little people, like the ones you were elected to serve.

What Justice is really doing with his slow pay on state and local taxes is, he’s hurting our kids — our youngest citizens, who have no real voice and depend on adults to protect them, and, among other things, give them an education, which schools can’t do if they don’t have the property taxes to pay for things like teacher salaries and new books.

But at least now, maybe, the kids in Floyd County will have enough pencils and pens to do their schoolwork. What about the kids in West Virginia?

Our children deserve better. West Virginia deserves better. We deserve a governor who not only plays by the rules all the rest of us have to observe, but who does the right thing and pays what he owes, when he owes it. Justice does none of this and has given every indication that he never intends to.

Monty Fowler


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