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On Dec. 19, Florida reported 11,682 new virus cases. Nevertheless, young Republicans of Turning Point USA chose to have a convention and party at Mar-a-Lago, with Donald Trump Jr. among the speakers, with hundreds of maskless attendees, and “Bang girls” firing dollar bills from a money cannon into the crowd.

It was an epic display of crassness, ignorance and heartlessness during a time of national crisis, as millions have become unemployed and face hunger and homelessness. Eschewing masks, defying local protocols, posing for pictures with GOP celebrities and oblivious to the suffering around them, these callous Superspreaders of America, part of our country’s frightening future, partied on, even as tens of thousands of their countrymen grieved the absence this holiday of a loved one lost to the pandemic.

It was more appalling during the celebration not only of the birth of Christ, born in poverty, but also the acknowledgement of His teachings: humility, compassion for the poor, care for each other and personal sacrifice.

Many West Virginians voted Republican this past election. But this kind of callous conduct and flagrant display of materialism — a maskless indoor party with a money cannon — isn’t what West Virginians, modest by nature, think is Christian behavior. For many, they might rethink their vote as they recall the words of St. Paul: “They glory in their shame.”

Robin Godfrey