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The gas industry op-ed in the Gazette-Mail entitled “Speaking with one voice” is seriously misleading in its omission about the global climate change crisis contribution from natural gas emissions.

In addition, they fail to acknowledge that now clean, greenhouse-gas-free renewables are just as inexpensive as natural gas.

And while there are many people employed at many levels and points in the gas industry, the data shows that renewables would employ even more, so not only are gas workers retrainable as renewables technicians, they would be providing clean energy at lower costs to all of us, including their families.

I bring to this dialogue a professional engineering experience when I, with other partners in my firm, were engaged by Southern California Edison to assist them in the planning, finance and construction of the first nine solar energy concentrated power plants in the 1980s.

They have been so successful that SCE is now planning 15 more.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that jobs in the solar industry, from manufacturers to installation technicians, is growing at an unprecedented rate.

So why aren’t we looking at accelerating a transition to 100% solar energy in West Virginia so that we can create clean safe jobs and even attract workers to our state from other states?

According to the EPA, active and abandoned natural gas wells account for 29% of methane emissions. It’s disingenuous to promote an energy source that is poisoning the planet and contributing to health problems as clean.

We are past horse and buggies, dial telephones and typewriters. It’s long overdue to get past greenhouse gas fossil fuel energy and embrace the clean, lower cost renewables.

Allan Tweddle


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