LETTER: Justice hurts the very children he claims to be helping (Opinion)


Gov. Justice’s latest full-page newspaper ads for his reelection campaign are touting his commitment to educating our children and making “education our centerpiece.” Which is very hypocritical, coming from a man who either doesn’t pay his bills, pays them late or pays a fraction of what he owes.

Justice’s consistent and repeated failure to pay the property taxes for his many businesses in West Virginia — on time and in full — directly hurts our children by taking money away from our schools. If you are a school district administrator, and you’re expecting $100,000 in property tax revenue from Justice’s companies, and you only get $2,000, and you get that seven years after it was due, how is that making education our centerpiece?

Why is it so difficult for Justice to do what the rest of us manage to do every year, year after year — pay our taxes?

Maybe that’s good business from Justice’s viewpoint, not paying your property taxes and other state taxes on time and in full, but it’s nothing to brag about when it hurts the very children he claims he’s helping.

West Virginia’s children deserve better.

Monty Fowler


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