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If not appalling in its indifference to democracy, Sen. Joe Manchin’s op-ed declaring he will vote against the For the People Act is predictable in its abject cowardice.

Suffice to say that Manchin, D-W.Va., is the proverbial firefighter who refuses to battle the blaze unless the arsonists agree to help.

Across the country, Republicans are passing antidemocratic voter suppression laws without virtue of bipartisanship. The only reason they have for their insanely restrictive policies is the “Big Lie.” In the face of the most secure and successful election in modern history, they seek to extend a swindling con man’s lies into perpetuity by codifying them into law. I can’t think of anything more antidemocratic, un-American or dangerous to our democracy.

I’m guessing Manchin believes he is reading the tea leaves because he sees the Trump banners still flying across West Virginia. Sooner or later, those poor, delusional souls are going to have to come to grips with the fact that they have been conned and that it was done with the full knowledge and support of unscrupulous sycophants who refuse to clearly state the truth. And that group now includes our “Democratic” Senator.

There are some things on which we cannot and should not compromise; voting rights are at the top of that list. Apparently, Manchin disagrees.

I could easily write a thousand words on why the filibuster is undemocratic and a huge pile of something horribly unpleasant that Manchin, evidently, thinks should be dumped on West Virginians.

Meanwhile, I strongly implore Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to bring up the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Let’s find out just how many Republican senators have a modicum of respect for the right of all Americans to vote and just how far down the rabbit hole Manchin is willing to go to hide his cowardice.

Page L. Forth

Big Springs

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