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Sen. Joe Manchin has, sadly, left me with only two choices to explain his position on the For the People Act. He is either the most naive man on the planet or he is the most cynical politician since Lenin.

How can he possibly oppose election reform in the wake of Jan. 6, the former president’s continued lunatic ravings about the fairness of the last election and the now brutal, flagrant and very successful GOP assault on voting rights in state after state, wherever they hold sway in a state legislature?

Does he not understand that this is setting the stage for “legal” coups against the election results wherever Republicans are in power? There is no hope for “bipartisan” election reform. None. Republicans are deliberately making it impossible for free and fair elections to take place, and Manchin is aiding and abetting them.

And, when the inevitable backlash occurs as the rigging becomes too blatant to ignore, they will then use the citizen outrage in the streets to destroy our country. How can Manchin not see this?

Does he think the GOP will reward him when this is all said and done? Enablers such as Manchin will not be treated any differently than the rest of us who they decide he is not worthy of rights.

Manchin is an embarrassment. If he is going to carry Donald Trump’s and Mitch McConnell’s water, he should at least have the spine to change his registration to Republican, for honesty’s sake.

Manchin spoke at my college’s commencement a few weeks ago, and when I was asked by the president whether, as an emeritus professor, I would be processing with the faculty, I told her I wouldn’t, because I had seen nothing in Manchin’s conduct since Jan. 20 that suggested he would say anything worth listening to. How right I was.

Gary Kappel


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