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I felt disappointed and betrayed by the Gazette-Mail’s endorsements of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., and Secretary of State Mac Warner.

The illogic of the decision to endorse Capito is revealed in the rhetorical weakness of the explanation for why she was chosen: Two examples of Capito doing her job well were followed by two examples of serious failures in her voting and decision making.

Her opponent, Paula Jean Swearengin, was not even mentioned in the Capito endorsement, which I thought disrespectful and dismissive of a serious candidate with an authentic commitment to improving working peoples’ lives.

Mac Warner’s comfort with using purges of employees and voters as a way to accomplish his goals is reminiscent of party loyalty requirements in autocratic regimes.

West Virginia taxpayers paid millions of dollars in settlements because Warner exhibited poor judgment in illegally firing more than a dozen state employees, and continuing poor judgment in arguing he would have won the employees’ lawsuits against him in court.

Cases are settled because there are no guaranteed outcomes for either side if they go to trial.

Please do not endorse political candidates in the future who conspicuously fail in their duties to their constituents as Sen. Capito and Secretary Warner have done.

Marjorie Clarkson