LETTER: Neighbor children treating US flag properly brightened gloomy day


This past Halloween day was shaping up to be a depressing experience, with the House of Representatives voting to continue on with the impeachment process of the president and a very windy and rainy day unfolding.

I was looking out my front window when my eye caught sight of the front door of the house across the street. The weather had slackened considerably, although still drizzling.

Out came two of the five kids who live there, the 10-year-old eldest son and a younger sister. They hustled over to the 20-foot flag pole beside the driveway. The boy was struggling with the wet rope tied off at the base of the pole while his sister was obviously hurrying him up. Finally, the rope was free and the boy lowered the American flag into the arms of his sister who clutched the flag to herself, not letting one bit touch the ground. The boy secured the rope and both hurried back into their house.

The day seemed to turn much brighter.

Tom Aliff


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