LETTER: Political leaders are threatening the Constitution

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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Between now and Election Day 2020, we need to reflect and assess what constitutes patriotism in our country. Our leaders now seem to be thumbing their noses at Congress and more so at the very fabric of our Constitution.

Maybe we, as children, should have been taught and, as adults, should be teaching our children to recite the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America with hands over our hearts, rather than Pledge Allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands.

The same body of leaders now crying “foul play” also denied a sitting president the right to have his Supreme Court nominee be examined and heard. Seemingly, a majority of the people agreed, though no justification to deny him this right was ever constitutionally sound.

Certain team players of an NFL team couldn’t have knelt on one knee, rather than stand for the anthem, without our Constitution. In my opinion, their humbling gesture showed more courage and patriotism. If we do not stand for this great document, I fear that we will be found wearing the emperor’s new clothes.

Before that vote is cast, ask yourselves how you would want America to be viewed; to be looked up to and respected, or ridiculed and chided? And then ask yourselves, who would best represent the United States? When a president walks away from agreements and treaties, America also walks away.

Our garment is the Constitution, without which we would have no freedoms. The less we understand this the more naked we will be found.

It’s not what is being said, but more what is not being said that bothers me. And this needed to be said.

Jacquie Crouse


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