LETTER: Slowing down COVID-19 testing not a good idea

Essential reporting in volatile times.

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Johns Hopkins data show that the top three countries in deaths from coronavirus are run by autocratic, COVID-19 deniers. Actually, that’s two COVID-19 deniers and one former denier whose policies changed (too late) after he nearly died of it. The United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom have led the world in “it’s just bad flu” and have the body counts to prove it.

Four of the top five countries in reported cases are those that have downplayed the virus, because you can add Putin’s Russia to that list.

Meanwhile, our “Fearless Leader” in the U.S. insists we have so many cases because we do too much testing, and asks his team to slow it down. Wrong. In West Virginia, we do lots of testing and have very few cases, compared with the rest of the country. Our positive test rate is less than 3%. Maybe we should slow down testing until we reach 10% or 20%? If we did, we’d have a lot more sick and dead people to show for it.

We can all be thankful that Gov. Jim Justice appears to be listening to his health advisers and following their good advice. The rest of us should, too.

Charles P. Schade


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