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I found the recent high school shooting in Michigan that left four students dead and others in critical condition very disturbing, as most of us probably did. However, I am hoping that some good may come out of this terrible tragedy.

The county prosecutor has charged the alleged shooter’s parents with involuntary manslaughter for their role in this shooting spree, and the judge set their bail at $500,000.

It’s alleged that the parents bought their 15-year-old son the handgun used in the shooting as an early Christmas present and ignored the warnings of teachers and administrators about their son’s behavior. Of course, the school also should have been more diligent in determining whether the teen was armed.

My hope is that these charges will send a warning to parents in the future that irresponsible gun ownership can have serious consequences for them. They also must be willing to take seriously any warning signs that their child might need help, and, if so, take steps to prevent him or her from having access to any deadly weapons.

Joan Sims


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