LETTER: The world needs to change for the good


At age 91-plus, I fear that I will not live to see much-needed changes in this country and in the world.

Here, we are enveloped in undemocratic political practices which threaten much of the founding fathers’ aspirations for our country. We have appalling leadership in Washington which disregards the rights and hopes of many citizens and non-citizens.

Ironically, some religious groups support this leadership, making one wonder if they ever really embraced the basic tenets of their faith (love, charity, kindness, acceptance of “others,” etc.). Hate groups proliferate, often praised by leadership. The “other” (whether religious or ethnic) is scorned and derided and made to feel unwelcome in this “land of the free.”

In Europe, one hears of hatred of Middle Easterners who have escaped from horrors in their own countries. England is leaving the European Union to go it alone.

I take refuge in associating with people and groups who are trying to get us back on track. I hope we can prevail.

Kathryn A. Stone


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