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The editorial in Tuesday’s Charleston Gazette-Mail could not be more wrong nor ill-advised.

The vast majority of Americans who lived through the “long, national nightmare” that was Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal felt appalled and disillusioned by Gerald Ford’s pardon of the man.

Nixon lied about a secret plan to end the Vietnam War, wiretapped the national office of his political opponents, authorized burglars to steal confidential psychiatric treatment records to discredit a critic of the administration who leaked the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times and The Washington Post, and stole an election.

By omitting these inconvenient facts, your editorial suggests yet one more cynical whitewash “for the benefit of the country.” Rather, your notion benefits the outgoing president and his enablers who suborned crime after crime and lie after lie in their insatiable greed and lust for political power.

Congress must not only ignore your editorial but pass, at the soonest possible date, joint resolutions establishing and empowering a joint select committee to investigate crimes against humanity and a joint select committee to investigate crimes against the republic.

Until such work is complete and justice has been meted out, no forward progress is possible or imaginable. Too many people have been traumatized, maimed and killed.

America must never again suffer the extreme and excessive violence carried out and inflicted upon innocents by this profligate and lawless administration and its expediters.

Gerard E. Spiegler