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At the risk of belaboring my experience covering dictators, I must say Donald Trump is a dictator wannabe. But in his refusal to concede that he lost the election and, thus, in his ridiculous, sophomoric attempt to play the part of the caudillo, he is laughable.

I covered Latin strongmen for 30 years as a CBS News correspondent. I observed keenly their often successful moves at government takeover, which they were very good at doing. Coup d’état was their mainstay. Gen. Augusto Pinochet of Chile disappeared his opponents with abandon. I knew Augusto Pinochet and, Donald Trump, you are no Augusto Pinochet.

Fidel Castro thumbed his nose at Washington and killed off his opposition. I knew Fidel Castro, and, Donald Trump, you are no Fidel Castro. As a wannabe Maximo Lider you are pathetic — a pitiful putz who real macho men would make mince meat out of. Adios pendejo!

Ed Rabel

Alum Creek