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Colleen Anderson’s letter about our U.S. Postal Service under attack by President Donald Trump and his minion Louis DeJoy hit the bull’s-eye as to how important the USPS is to our aging West Virginia population — and to all America — because of the upcoming presidential election.

It is a federal crime for Louis DeJoy to be postmaster general because of his many conflicts of interest by owning large blocks of stock in competing mail and packager delivery services.

U.S. Rep. Katie Porter’s skillfull questioning of DeJoy in the House revealed DeJoy’s severe lack of knowledge of why the mail was already days behind and also documented his operational ineptness.

DeJoy swore under oath that he did not know who authorized these disruptive changes causing these major delays. Really? DeJoy does not know who is responsible for this huge failure to perform? What else does DeJoy not know? Or does he know and will not tell us even under oath?

Any guesses as to who ordered these massive disruptive changes this close to a presidential election that will result in mail-in ballots not being delivered on time to be counted?

Frederick M. Hufford