LETTER: Washington shenanigans part of being a republic


I really think Donald Trump set the Democrats up. The way I interpret the hearings is that the president went right up to the line, but did not cross it. At the same time, he shifted the focus on the nepotism and conflicts of interest that exist and run rampant in our republic.

Can I get a job at a Ukrainian company with no qualifications, or become a pharmaceutical executive?

While President Trump has his fair share of relatives on the payroll, ethical or not, none of this is illegal. It is just the way it is. Like the Roman Empire, we are a republic, and we have all the shenanigans that go along with it.

Now, we have made improvements. No one has appointed their horse to a high office. Still, we have an awful lot of jackasses roaming around.

Louis P. Cervone

St. Albans

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