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I have opposed most of Donald Trump’s actions since he entered the White House and I consider him unfit for the office, but I take no pleasure in the news that he and many of his staff and supporters have contracted COVID-19. I pray that all recover fully and soon.

But it would be remiss to not place the responsibility for their illness where it belongs. With Donald Trump. In spite of warnings from top infectious-disease doctors and specialists in the country and the world, Donald Trump has held a series of events that we can now see as super-spreader events.

His Tulsa rally, held indoors with mask wearing discouraged, resulted in a number of cases and the death of Trump ally Herman Cain. His nomination acceptance speech, held on the White House South Lawn without social distancing and sparse mask wearing, was another opportunity for the virus to spread. Most recently, the ceremony and reception for Judge Amy Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination has generated COVID-19 cases among senators, staffers and supporters.

Donald Trump’s careless — or is it reckless — disregard for the health of his friends and allies is shocking enough. But it pales when compared to the callousness he has shown toward you and me, whether we support him or not.

Donald Trump’s handling of COVID-19 should not surprise us. It’s no different than his promises regarding West Virginia. More coal mines have closed since he took office. More coal companies have filed for bankruptcy. More pensions have evaporated through shabby accounting practices and barely legal dodges. Our health care is about to vanish if he and our state attorney general get their way.

But it isn’t just Trump. He is enabled by a Republican-led Senate, and GOP members in the House of Representatives who do nothing for our state or country but cause a ruckus on the floor.

If we want to right this ship and save our state, we need to vote Trump and his allies out of office. We need to take care of ourselves and our state, because they won’t.

Denis Kaufman

Bunker Hill