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After reading Joseph Wyatt’s opinion piece “Manchin’s Moment of Destiny” I have a lot of my own opinions. As a young West Virginian and student at Marshall University, the passing of the For The People Act is much more urgent.

This is more than a moment of destiny, as Wyatt put it; for my generation, this a moment of survival. My entire life, politicians have allowed big business and moneyed interests to control American politics. Instead of representing the people that vote for them, too often politicians represent whoever gives them the most money. Fossil fuel use and carbon emissions are only rising, student debt is crippling my generation and people in power are leaving us to fix it.

We will only be able to address urgent problems after we get big money out of politics and fix our very broken democracy. But if we continue to turn a blind eye to these pressing issues, it will be too late and the crises we face will become irreversible. Congress must pass HR 1/S 1, The For The People Act. If we can obtain a truly representative government that is for the people and by the people again, then we will have a shot at solving these crises and creating a better world for all.

Emma Ruth Rau


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