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With crippling student debts and the lack of movement to get affordable health care, the youth has lost its faith in local and federal government.

These governments offer no proactive policies that will benefit the next generation of adults in America. The For The People Act will diminish the power big corporations have in the government by setting a cap on how much they can donate and creating transparency with the transactions that happen behind closed doors.

Big money in the government is one of the biggest reasons we young West Virginians have lost faith in the government. We see that our interests are being ignored for the interests of multi-billion-dollar companies. For our votes to count and for our voices to be heard, we need big corporations out of politics.

With majority support for affordable health care, the youth wonder why new policies do not include affordable health care. The answer is big money; pharmaceutical companies and other medical corporations continue to give government officials money to stop the push of affordable health care. We West Virginians know firsthand the effect of giving pharmaceutical companies the power in politics; we have grown up and still are growing up in the state that is the epicenter of the drug crisis.

To keep younger West Virginians in the state, we need to create an easier path to adulthood and allow our voices to be heard in the government so it can make West Virginia a state we want to stay in.

Emily Clifford


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